Day 298: Buy Nothing/Steal Something


We were at a fancy restaurant yesterday evening when Grant accidentally chipped his water glass.

We knew that there was no way the restaurant could continue to use that glass in its chipped state (this was a cloth napkins kind of place). Its future obviously lay in the garbage bin behind the swinging kitchen door.

On the other hand, we were out with Grant’s Mum and a bunch of her friends, and we didn’t want to make a big scene where we would have to explain our entire project to the waiter and potentially have it turn into further explanation with the manager, etc, etc. It was, after all, just a glass.

So we quietly decided that the logical course of action would be to take the glass home with us where it could continue a useful life despite its superficial damage.

And that, my friends, is how we ended up stealing a glass from a fine dining establishment (and justifying it in the name of the environment).



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3 responses to “Day 298: Buy Nothing/Steal Something

  1. Lauren

    Hilarious! and i can totally relate. we’ve often taken to bringing home recyclable or reusable packages from restaurants (coffee creamer/milk containers, jam packages…etc), since i KNOW that these just get thrown in the garbage when we leave.

  2. 😀 brilliant. A solution which mother nature will be proud of, I’m sure – even if the law isn’t LOL!

  3. lol!! 😉

    I hate to say that my Mum actually uhm, stole a spoon from a restaurant…?!! /but that is an entirely different story!!/

    What did Grant’s Mum & her friends say?!! /or did they notice it at all?/

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