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Day 212: Winning and Losing

winnerThey’re running a promotion at the grocery store by my house.  Customers get these little game cards with every purchase, and you peel them open and – surprise! “Try Again”.

Then the garbage bins outside the store get filled with all these little pieces of cardboard until they are completely overflowing, and the ground is littered with “maybe next time” messages.

It’s a useless waste of resources, I know, but I still take the cards – they just hand them to you with the receipt.  It’s just paper afterall.  Then I peeled one open and . . . . . “WINNER!” Continue reading



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Day 210: Butter and Tofu!

tofuAt last, tofu!  I have to hand it to Rhyannon.  A couple days ago she managed to track down bulk tofu!

We had scoured Chinatown and the local supermarkets to no avail.  I had actually quite given up, but this week, she brought home the goods in her own little container.  Continue reading


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Day 208: Fresh Pasta Party

pasta2I completely forgot to post about pasta.  We made pasta!

Now, I have tried making pasta from scratch in the past; however, I never seemed to be able to roll it out thin enough.

For my first attempt, we had had Miss M as an unfortunate dinner guest, and I think she was none too impressed with the rubbery meal we served.  Even I’ll admit that looked an awful lot like soggy pork rinds. . . .

But last week I borrowed a pasta machine (thanks George) and had a proper go at pasta making.  Continue reading


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Day 206: Fashion Crisis

dog-sweaterI don’t want to sound petty, but sometimes buying a new sweater does wonders for ones mindset.

I’m not suggesting that I’ve bought one mind you, just that, after 6 and a half months of not buying anything resembling a scrap of clothing, I’m starting to feel mighty unfashionable.  For example, I never got on board with those skinny jeans when they first came out, and now I’m dearly regretting it.  They would go perfectly with almost anything wouldn’t they?

Actually, I’m going to blame most of my crisis on the clothes drier.  It keeps eating socks.  Continue reading


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Day 204: E-nough of E-Waste

ewasteIt seems that the ubiquitous e-waste is going to come second on the list of “what’s in our garbage bins” (second only to our ever-growing plethora of broken dishes).

So far we have a laptop, a cell phone, a battery charger, and numerous wires and plug in type things crowding for bin space.

We all know that e-waste is technically recyclable, but did you know that only a small percentage of broken electronics actually gets salvaged? Continue reading


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Day 202: Razor Sharp

razor1This is an example of what our bathroom looks like.  Yup, you can see we have a little hoarding problem.  Each of the three of us have at least 2 to 3 razors on the go.

I think we’re all too guilt-ridden to throw them in our bins.  As long as they stay in the shower, we remain blissfully guilt-free and can ignore the fact that we have been partaking in such a disposable cultural monstrosity.  I haven’t thrown a razor out in 6 months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using them.

Maybe wrazor2e’re scared that we’ll run out, so we don’t want to be throwing potentially useful things in the garbage.  What is considered a dull blade now, may be the sharpest one on hand in another 8 weeks.   After all, we’re only half way through our year.  I have to ration my razors.   Continue reading


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