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Day 242: Where The Heck Can I Recycle That?

icon-home-0I have a great recycling resource to share with you!  It actually came from one of our readers, so we have to give a big thanks to Nicole who introduced me to the Recyclepedia.

It’s put out through the Recycling Council of BC (so yes, it’s geographically specific).  It’s actually a bit funny because although I’ve actually called their Recycling Hotline before and have their website listed as a resource on this very blog, I obviously hadn’t looked closely enough because I completely missed the amazing Recyclepedia.

Basically, it’s an encyclopedia of where you can recycle your waste. Continue reading


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Day 240: Waste Watch Wednesday – Dash Weh Yuh Trash

Ohhh, I see a wednesday video-watching theme emerging here.  (no promises that I can keep up with it)

I’ve had this song about trash in my head for several weeks after first seeing it over at Everyday Trash, so it had to be shared.

Even though it’s about where to put garbage and not about recycling, I think the point of cleaning up our environment is a good one.  And dang, that accent just makes you want to shake your booty around the living room:

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Day 239: Our First Styrofoam

CB004464I’m sad to announce that we got our first piece of takeout Styrofoam on the weekend.  We’ve been avoiding Styrofoam during the project.  Actually, we haven’t brought a single bit of Styrofoam into our house.

Wait, that’s not completely true because “Work Grant” has a little pile down there in his office that came with electronics or some such thing he was buying, but work exemptions aside, we don’t usually do Styrofoam. Continue reading


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Day 235: Documentary Trailer

We are only 7ish months into the Clean Bin Project, but we managed to put together a trailer to let you know how our documentary is coming along. Happy watching.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Day 235: Clean Bin on CBC News

If you’re in Vancouver, check us out on the CBC 6 o’clock news tonight!  We just spent the morning with Lisa Johnson, the environment reporter, and they’re doing a tiny segment on our waste-free project.

We gave them free range of our recycling area – hopefully we come off as inspiring and not crazy!  I’ll try to get a copy of the clip on here soon after it airs.

Also, Grant has managed to put together a trailer for our documentary of the project, so I’ll be posting that here soon too.


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Day 233: Waste Watch Wednesday

Alliteration aside, it’s video day.  But not just any video – this is  a video about waste.  Get it? “waste watch”. . .

Anyway, I stole this one from over at The Rubbish Diet.  It’s meant for Londoners, but that trash bag is just too adorable not to watch, and the message applies to all of us.  Plus it’s part of a more widespread campaign to reduce landfill garbage:

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