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Deodorant Evolution

Continuing on the personal hygiene theme. . .I’ve been making my own deodorant for awhile now.  It started off with a powder – equal parts baking soda and cornstarch applied with a powder puff (or old sock in our case).

It worked pretty well, in fact Grant still uses it, but I felt it didn’t last very long.  By the end of the day, I smelled like BO.

So I tried making a solid deodorant with equal parts baking soda and cornstarch mixed in with a bit of coconut oil (it’s solid at room temperature, so you have to melt it to mix) and some essential oil.  The only essential oil I had was peppermint (which I use for the toothpaste), so I ended up with peppermint deodorant. It smells and looks a lot like our toothpaste, so it’s no surprise that the first day it was in the cabinet, Grant accidentally brushed his teeth with it (good thing it’s all edible ingredients).

The solid is much better for me.  It lasts all day – even two days, and there’s no BO.  Sweating, yes, but BO, no. The only problem was that it was a bit awkward to apply.  You have to scoop some out with your fingers and try to smear it on your armpit without it crumbing to bits and getting all over the floor.  So, I decided to reuse an old antiperspirant container for my next batch. I just packed the mix in there while it was still soft and waited for the coconut oil to firm up.

Perfect!  It goes on just like a store bought one.  It’s a little more grainy, but definitely more convenient than the glass jar.  The only thing I’m worried about is whether or not it will melt on hot days and ooze out through the bottom of the container.  I know some people keep theirs in the fridge, but since we’re on the road right now, I’ve been keeping a close eye on it.  So far so good! Anyone else had luck with natural deodorant options?



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