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Welcome CBC Fans

If you just discovered us through CBC Radio or CBC TV today, then welcome!

“Just Eat It” is our current film about food waste. You can learn more about it at

The Clean Bin Project was a zero waste challenge we did back in 2009. You can learn more about the documentary “The Clean Bin Project” here.


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The Perils of Plastic

This feels a bit like confession: “forgive me readers for I have sinned; it has been over 2 months since my last post.” So much for my weekly installments.  . .

Grant and I got pretty wrapped up in our cycle trip across the country this summer, and I got preoccupied with organizing community screenings of our film, but there’s no excuse really.

So to get back on track, I want to jump in with what we did last weekend. Last weekend, we attended a heartfelt presentation by Jan Vozenilek about the growing problem with plastics in our oceans and its effect on Midway Island’s albatross.

Although we have known about these issues for a couple years, we were still both overcome with emotion; seeing Jan’s latest powerful images from Midway made it feel as if we were hearing it for the first time. In addition to sharing short films and images, Jan brought a collection of plastic collected from inside the stomachs of dead baby birds. I was astounded by how many lighters and toothbrushes there were in the pile, and it really hit home that this plastic was our plastic: stuff that we all use everyday is killing marine wildlife.

To balance all that doom and gloom, Jan shared some positive stories such as the girl in Penticton who campaigned to get her highschool to give up plastic waterbottles (and achieved success in only one year!) and how the videos his team took on Midway have reached thousands of people around the globe. If you ever get a chance to see Jan speak, I highly recommend it, but in the meantime, please visit

In the photo left to right… Joe Schweers (filmmaker), Jan Vozenilek (filmmaker), Grant, Jen, Taina (Plastic Manners – who is living plastic free for 2010!)


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Clean Bin on Simple Savvy

Generally, I wouldn’t describe our lives as ‘simple’.  We always seem to be running around like chickens with our heads cut off, forgetting to do the laundry and clean the bathroom, as the ‘to do’ lists pile up.  However, I do like to read about simple living.

I like the idea that it’s possible to live simply.  Sometimes I even get a taste of it when I’m out in the garden or baking bread from scratch.

One of the blogs I read weekly is Simple Savvy (I don’t just read about garbage, you know).  Christine, who writes the blog, often interviews other bloggers for their take on living simply, and this week, I’m honored to say, the interview was with yours truly! I’m far from a simple living expert, but it’s interesting how our attempts to live zero waste have led us to a similar lifestyle to those who are focused on other things like simple living, eating local, or avoiding plastic.

You can read the interview on the Simple Savvy blog here.


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Glenbrook Zero Waste Cul-De-Sac

Do you remember the Strathcona zero waste group?  Well it seems that they’re not the only ones up for a challenge.  Yesterday, Grant and I were invited to the  Glenbrook North Zero Waste meeting in New Westminster where another group of citizens are getting set to tackle their own zero waste project.

This is the second zero waste pilot sponsored by Metro Vancouver, but what’s really cool about Glenbrook North’s group is that all the 14 participant families live on a single street.  Talk about community!  The other thing that is great is that there is a diversity of family sizes and there are loads of kids which will make for an interesting project.

They’ve spent the last 5 weeks creating a baseline for their garbage (something I really wish we did before our project), and they’re just about to start a 12 week (or maybe a lifelong) zero waste challenge.  Because everyone is literally next door to each other, they’ve really been able to work together, meeting in each others living rooms, and setting up a communal green cone conveniently at the end of the cul-de-sac.

I can’t even explain the great sense of community we got from the meeting.  The teamwork (and perhaps friendly competition) that comes from doing a street-scale challenge is amazing.  Grant and I talked a little about our own year long project, showed our trailer, and shared tips on what worked for us, but mostly, we just got rejuvenated about zero waste.

It’s so exciting to talk to other people who are excited!

I’ll definitely be following the Glenbrook Zero Waste blog and wish them luck in their project.  To finish this post in the spirit of zero waste, here’s a hilarious commercial I snagged from the Glenbrook website.


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Radio Netherlands

What do donkeys in Sicily, an on-line transport marketplace, and musical garbage in Taipei have to do with the Clean Bin Project?  We were all recently featured on  Earthbeat, an eco-minded show on Radio Netherlands.

In lieu of a “real post”, I’m going to point you over the interview Grant and I did (it’s in English of course) as part of a larger show on garbage.  It included stories on a range of rubbishy subjects from Amsterdam’s waste to energy plant to an interview at Unpackaged, that great package-free shop in London that I discovered a few weeks ago.

We were actually really excited because it meant we got to go to the CBC radio studios here in Vancouver and get a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” working of radio.  I was pretty impressed with the massive servers and high tech equipment and left with a real appreciation for the value of our national public radio station.

Thanks to Marnie and Jan from Radio Netherlands for hunting us down and having us on the show.

Click here to listen to our interview or here to learn more about the other stories.


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Clean Bin in Westworld

We  aren’t  exactly media darlings, but were always stoked when our project gets some attention!  Hopefully it will make even one more person think about their rubbish output.  Check out the story on us at


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