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It Hasn’t Been That Long

I’m blatantly stealing a post from the lovely and talented Mrs. Green over at My Zero Waste (compliments help when you’re stealing content).  I couldn’t help myself; this video was a sweet reminder that in the grand scheme of things, is really hasn’t been that long since we started this whole overpackaged, mass consumer, industrialized food thing. It also makes me want to alternately sow seeds in my garden and run over to my Grandma’s house for a chat.

Whether you’re 20 or 100, I think it’s a good exercise to take five minutes to consider how food has changed in our lifetimes and what we want to be spending our money on. Unlike Mrs. Green, I can’t seem to be tech savvy enough to embed a flash video, so I’m going to have to send you over to the original website: click here to watch 100 Years of Food (it’s just 5 minutes long)

I love how she weasels a kiss out of not one, but two grocery employees (you don’t get away with that kind of request unless you’re over 100).



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