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Day 274: Medical Waste

neckbraceThere are some types of waste that are unavoidable. . . . but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put them into your bin.  There are, after all, rules to this here project.

The reason I bring this up is that Grant had a little waste extravaganza this weekend at the Richmond General hospital. Continue reading



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Day 273: No Beer for You

76944123On Thurday night, despite having remembered to tote around a reusable plastic beer mug, I did not drink a single beer.

What happened on Thursday night is that I went down to the street party for the Junos (Canadian Music Awards) where there were free parties, bands playing all down the street, and a noticeable abundance of plastic beer cups.

In the main event tent, as predicted, there was a beer garden, doling out said cups filled with Whistler Brew. Alas, when I attempted to use my mug, I was shut down. I was actually surprised. I’ve been on a streak of agreeable servers and deli attendants who filled my containers and cups without question. What do you mean “no, you won’t do it”? Continue reading


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Day 271: Alternative Registery

gift-boxSpring is in the air and that means one thing: the wedding season is barreling down upon us.

And that leads to the question of gifts.

I have no problem with gifts.  In fact, I sometimes joke that the best way to get a matching set of pots and a kitchenaid mixer is just to get married.  But now, thanks to No Impact Man, I have discovered the coolest gift registry ever: the alternative gift registry.

You can sign up to make an online list of things you really want without being tied to a store, or, better, yet, tied to material goods. Continue reading


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Day 268: Waste Watch Wednesday – Addicted to Plastic

I watched this film last year at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  The director, Ian, was there to ask questions at the end.

It’s kind of funny, but what I remember most from this documentary was that most of the scientists studying the harmful effects of plastic had actively decided to cut it out of their own lives in terms of food packaging.  That says something doesn’t it?  The guy who studies whether or not plastic packaging leeches chemicals doesn’t use plastic water bottles or non-stick frying pans for his own family.  Then, during the Q and A, someone asked Ian if he had changed his lifestyle as a result of this film he said “not really”.

Guess we can all make our own decisions.

Really interesting film though.  And one that is really nicely shot and provides lots of hopeful stories to balance the bleak ones.

If you want more, there are two more trailers of this film on the official website at


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Day 267: Clean Bin in the MEC Catalog

grantjenThe Mountain Equipment (MEC) Spring Catalog is out!  But why, you may wonder, am I excited about a catalog full of stuff that I can’t buy due to the stringent rules of the Clean Bin Project?

Well, it just so happens that Grant and I, and our household’s waste-free, consumer-free initiative are featured on page 79!

For those of you who don’t live in Canada, MEC is our national co-operative outdoor equipment retailer and one of the most popular sources for gear and clothing for the self-propelled (think cycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, ski touring, and paddle sports).

Hmm, isn’t it funny, you may now be thinking, that a catalog designed to sell material goods, is featuring an article about a project designed not to buy them. . . . Continue reading


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Day 266: Clean Bin Award

award1“Hmmm, what is that?” you may be thinking of the curious object depicted to the left.

Couldn’t you tell?  It’s nothing less than a coveted award from The Rubbish Diet

Yes, The Clean Bin Project has won The Healthy Competition Award Continue reading


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