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ChChChhChh (You Brush Your Teeth)

(You might want to listen to this song to set the mood for reading this post).

I used to have one of those, battery powered toothbrushes.  You know, the ones with a vibrating head so you can “brush like a dentist”?  I had held back on buying one for a long time thinking that it was a waste of batteries and resources to have a toothbrush so large (plus, my dentist gave me brushes for free – why would I go out and spend $10 on one?)  But, after months of roommate peer pressure, I caved.

And|I have to admit I actually liked the vibrating toothbrush.  My teeth were smooth and polished.  When we started the Clean Bin Project and ran out of toothpaste, the combination of my vibrating toothbrush and my homemade baking soda toothpaste was even better.  And then things went awry.

Both my and Grant’s toothbrushes died.  (they were cheap pieces of crap after all).  So began the search for an eco-friendly toothbrush.  . . Continue reading



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Speaker Series

I’ve been very neglectful of this blog lately (you might have noticed).

Not that we haven’t been recycling or continuing to avoid landfill garbage, we just haven’t been flaunting it as much.  Either that’s because it has become second nature or because we’ve been slowly slipping backwards into the pit of consumerism and are ashamed to talk about it (maybe it’s a bit of both).

Actually, it’s probably because we have been “working” on the film (or at least procrastinating and talking about it lots) and trying to keep up with the world of Twitter.

We have been gearing up for some speaking engagements though.  A couple weeks ago we were at the YWCA, working with their dynamic (and voluntary) environment committee, and encouraging the staff to take personal steps to reduce office waste.  They have a veggie garden on their roof that is pretty inspiring, and they treated us to lunch on real plates with real cups.

And tonight (the real reason for this hasty post), we’ll be in North Vancouver as part of their Green City Living Film and Speaker Series.  So if you’re in the region, come on out (I think it’s free).

In November we’ll also be in New Westminster encouraging a start up group based on the Strathcona Zero Waste concept and possibly up at Quest University in Squamish, so maybe we’ll see you there!

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Waste Watch Wednesday: Is Sustainable Action Fun?

Thanks to No Impact Man for turning me onto this sustainability gem by these guys (yes, it’s a corporation).

Maybe it doesn’t deal directly with zero waste, but it is about changing people’s behaviour – not through force, but through fun.

Wouldn’t we all rather be enticed, instead of pushed?


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