Day 183:Holiday Laziness and Baking


No, I wasn’t lazy with my gift giving or my consumerism or my waste reduction attempts.  My laziness is that I have simply been too preoccupied to look at my computer for the past week. So I formally apologize for my lack of postings.

I literally spent Christmas Eve baking up a storm.  I had Parmesan cheese crackers and gingerbread shaped as stars and lining my kitchen counters like an edible galaxy.

I had my first go at making cream puffs which were much easier than anticipated, and I also made some beautiful petit fours (mini, chocolate-dipped cakes).  They fit perfectly into tissue lined egg cartons and made lovely little 6-pack gifts.

Unfortunately, Grant formatted the camera and erased all my delicious photos, so I stole this image from sugarlaws, the absolutely fabulous cooking blog where I got the petit fours recipe from.  Her photos are always gorgeous, and the recipes are delicious. (I also got the Parmesan crackers and the cream puffs recipes from there, so I’m obviously becoming quite a fan).

I put my cookies and crackers in reused containers (luckily I have a hoarding problem when it comes to things like cardboard hot chocolate canisters – they just seem to good to throw away), stuck in a couple of movie tickets, and garnished the packages with a star shaped (see the theme?) tree ornament made from a pop can.  (Again, my photos were tragically deleted).

So that was my home-made, consumer-free, waste-free Christmas Eve. That and piles and piles of fresh snow.  Hope everyone is having a happy holidays.



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2 responses to “Day 183:Holiday Laziness and Baking

  1. The petit fours look amazing; thanks for the link to the recipe 🙂

    Your gifts sound wonderful and I bet they were well received. Happy new year to you!

  2. I agree with Mrs Green, those petit fours do look amazing — and simple. Glad you’re back to posting, and you had a nice holiday!

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