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Day 261: Waste Watch Wednesday-Garbage Revolution

garbage_homeI recently watched a Canadian film on what else but my favorite topic: garbage.

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home was made in Toronto in 2007 by Andrew Nisker and documents his best friend’s family as they save their garbage for 3 whole months in their garage.  Yup, nothing like a heaping pile of stinking waste to remind you of how much you really do consume. Continue reading


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Day 254: Waste Watch Wednesday-KAB Man

Ok, this one is a bit long, but it made me laugh and it’s about recycling, so I’m putting it in.  Even if it makes one other person’s day, it’s worth it.


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Day 247: Waste Watch Wednesday-CBC

As promised, here’s the clip of Grant and I on the CBC evening news a couple Friday’s ago.  (I’ll have you know I have since patched Grant’s pants.)

Thanks to Lisa Johnson for coming to interview us and providing us with a youtube link to our two minutes of fame.


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Day 240: Waste Watch Wednesday – Dash Weh Yuh Trash

Ohhh, I see a wednesday video-watching theme emerging here.  (no promises that I can keep up with it)

I’ve had this song about trash in my head for several weeks after first seeing it over at Everyday Trash, so it had to be shared.

Even though it’s about where to put garbage and not about recycling, I think the point of cleaning up our environment is a good one.  And dang, that accent just makes you want to shake your booty around the living room:

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Day 235: Documentary Trailer

We are only 7ish months into the Clean Bin Project, but we managed to put together a trailer to let you know how our documentary is coming along. Happy watching.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Day 233: Waste Watch Wednesday

Alliteration aside, it’s video day.  But not just any video – this is  a video about waste.  Get it? “waste watch”. . .

Anyway, I stole this one from over at The Rubbish Diet.  It’s meant for Londoners, but that trash bag is just too adorable not to watch, and the message applies to all of us.  Plus it’s part of a more widespread campaign to reduce landfill garbage:

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