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Waste Watch Wednesday: Is Sustainable Action Fun?

Thanks to No Impact Man for turning me onto this sustainability gem by these guys (yes, it’s a corporation).

Maybe it doesn’t deal directly with zero waste, but it is about changing people’s behaviour – not through force, but through fun.

Wouldn’t we all rather be enticed, instead of pushed?


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Waste Watch Wednesday – Bag It

There seems to be a never ending stream of eco-conscious films these days.  No Impact Man hits the theatre soon as does The Age of Stupid.

Well, I just heard about another one called Bag It.  Beth, from Fake Plastic Fish was interviewed for it.  At first I was a bit disappointed by that since we wanted to interview her for our documentary, but really, the more people out there spreading the word about waste reduction (be it through film, blogging, or word of mouth) the better.  Anyway, this flick looks pretty good.  Hope it comes to a town near you.

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359: Day Waste Watch Wednesday – Food Inc

free range human

Free Range Human - as far as I can tell, this originally came from

I think a lot about food.  Well, food and food packaging, but they’re somewhat inseparable aren’t they?  I’ve commented to many people that this year of watching our waste output has translated to a strange and unforeseeable obsession with food.

Because we haven’t been buying ‘things’, all of our waste seems to come from what we eat, and I’ve become hyper-aware of how those products are wrapped, boxed, bundled, and generally presented for human consumption.

Naturally, this has led me a little off the path of landfill waste (environmental health) and into the domain of food quality (human health).  But I might add that there is significant overlap between the two.  Continue reading


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Day 303: Waste Watch Wednesday R-E-C-Y-C-L-E

There’s nothing like a musical recycling ditty to make you want to put your paper and aluminum in the correct bins.

Now, I don’t know a thing about this Rocko’s Modern Life cartoon show.  According to wikipedia it often includes “double entendres, sexual innuendos, and social commentary”, but don’t worry, this clip is rated G for “general” and RA for “recycling awsomeness” (I know that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway).

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Day 289: Waste Watch Wednesday – Josh Rachlis

While perusing Green as a Thistle a couple days ago, I came across this enviro-gem of a video.

Seems that Josh Rachlis from Toronto, who is a rabid environmentalist, has been pining after Laurie David, the producer of An Inconvenient Truth, for quite some time. Back in 2007 when he heard she was getting divorced from Larry David (of of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame), he grabbed his chance and made a video of himself proposing to her.

Now, two years later, Josh is still on his mission, and has returned with a snazzy, and environmentally minded video. Check out the size of that ring he’s offering her.


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Day 268: Waste Watch Wednesday – Addicted to Plastic

I watched this film last year at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  The director, Ian, was there to ask questions at the end.

It’s kind of funny, but what I remember most from this documentary was that most of the scientists studying the harmful effects of plastic had actively decided to cut it out of their own lives in terms of food packaging.  That says something doesn’t it?  The guy who studies whether or not plastic packaging leeches chemicals doesn’t use plastic water bottles or non-stick frying pans for his own family.  Then, during the Q and A, someone asked Ian if he had changed his lifestyle as a result of this film he said “not really”.

Guess we can all make our own decisions.

Really interesting film though.  And one that is really nicely shot and provides lots of hopeful stories to balance the bleak ones.

If you want more, there are two more trailers of this film on the official website at


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