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Day 345: Waste Watch Wednesday – Stop Motion Recycling

Stop motion animation never gets old.  Thanks to fellow eco-blogger Layla of LaylasExperiments for sending this one in.

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Day 338: Waste Watch Wednesday- Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan does crazy-scale pieces of art that depict real life statistics.  For example, he has a canvas depicting what looks like an intricate system of tubing, but then you look closer and realize that it’s actually 1 million plastic cups.  That’s the number of plastic cups used and thrown out by the airline industry in the United States every 6 hours.  That’s 4 million plastic cups a day! Continue reading


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Day 336: Small Spheres of Influence

Two things happened today that made my waste-free day.

The first one was that someone from the conference wrote me to tell me that after our presentation (in her own words) “I actually went home and my boyfriend and I began planning our own rules for zero waste”.

How awesome is that!?

The second one was during a work meeting at a restuarant, and it went like this:

“I’d like a grapefruit soda”

“Can I have an iced tea? And, no straw.”

“Actually, I don’t need a straw either.”

Did ya see that?  That’s the small sphere of influence making a difference and that’s what makes this project worth it.

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Day 331: Waste Watch Wednesday-Garbage Warrior

I watched this film quite awhile ago, but I think of it often.  Michael Reynolds is architect who creates homes out of reused tires and plastic bottles.  These amazing “earth ships” in the desert are completely off the grid, require no air conditioning or central heating, and possess a distinctly zero-waste vibe.

The film documents Reynold’s struggles to get his innovative building methods through the American court system of building codes and follows him overseas where countries suffering tsunami damage embrace his technologies.

I can’t imagine houses like these popping up in Vancouver any time soon, but if Michael has his way you just might see these sustainable community clusters spotting the American countryside.


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Day 324: Waste Watch Wednesday-Landfill Blues

I was at a meeting yesterday when someone mentioned a song that their municipality had used to educate kids about recycling.  Ever excited about finding a new song (and video) about waste, I looked it up.

J.P.Taylor actually has a wack of environmental and educational kids’ CD’s (plus $3 from every album of his latest release goes to an environmental charity).

Anyway, this particular song, called “Landfill Blues” is pretty darned catchy.  Thank goodness I had that meeting yesterday or I wouldn’t have had a video to share with ya’ll.

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Day 321: Clean Bin Meets the Green Team

J and R at EPICWhile at EPIC, Rhyannon and I met a couple ladies from the Green Team, a volunteer initiative sponsored by Metrotown (a shopping mall) and the Vancouver Sun.

They were at the Metro Vancouver talk about zero waste and recycling, so they got to listen to our little spiel about about the Clean Bin Project as well.

Afterward, they asked if they could write about our project in an advertorial for the Vancouver Sun.  So anyway, that’s how we ended up in Wednesday’s newspaper and on the Green Team blog.

Click here to see the full article.


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