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Day 196: Paperless Meals Out

burgerWe try to take our reusable containers with us when we go out to eat.

Sometimes we forget.

Sometimes we remember, but then Continue reading


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Day 189: Milk Lids and This Week’s Waste

milk-recycling1I’ve been pondering milk containers lately.

I used to buy milk in 4-litre plastic jugs which are curbside recyclable here.  Then the recycling depot started accepting cardboard milk containers (no deposit unfortunately), so I started buying 2-litre cardboard containers instead.

Before long, we had piles and piles, dare I say a mountain, of cardboard milk and soya containers sitting on our front porch.  If that doesn’t say “welcome to our waste-free household”, I don’t know what does.  Continue reading


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Day 153: Sandwiches and Plastic Chandeliers

abeego_snackLast weekend I had a double dose of culture.  First I went to  the Eastside Culture Crawl, an annual event here in Vancouver where artists open the doors to their homes and studios and let you tromp about and admire their artwork.  Then I went to the One of a Kind art show, a huge indoor original art fair.  I saw literally hundreds of artists (and yes, I managed to restrain myself and not buy anything).

Being of the ever vigilant waste-free mindset, a couple of artists caught my eye. Continue reading


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Day 105: Packaging Snobbery

We in Canada live in an almost overwhelmingly polite society.  I’ve actually seen people say sorry to inanimate objects at the supermarket after hitting a display with their cart.  Seriously.

It’s not that we’re not friendly, it’s just that we don’t tell other people what to do.  We don’t (usually) chat to strangers on the bus, we don’t intervene in people’s private lives, and we definitely don’t tell people what we think about their personal shopping decisions. . . . do we? Continue reading


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Day 52: Slow Food Cycle

This past Sunday, despite the blazing heat, I participated in my first slow food cycle.

I am no stranger to slow cycling, as Grant and I did that for two months last year on the Slow Coast. And I am no stranger to food, as anyone who has sat next to me at a restaurant can attest to(“are you going to finish that?”). But I have never combined the two.

Actually, it’s the food that’s slow, not the cycling.

On Pemberton Slow Food Cycle Sunday visiters are invited to cycle around from farm to farm and sample food that was grown, prepared and served by the local farmer. Growing food is time consuming and hard work, especially when it’s organic, and this event is all about taking time to appreciate quality local food, and the people who grow it.

So how does this relate to being waste free? Continue reading


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Day 31: Recycling on the Road

It’s one thing to try to produce no waste at home where you have your bin system and your collected luxuries and your compost out back; it’s quite another to adhere to “the rules” while on vacation. This past week, I had a taste of recycling on the road. Continue reading

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