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Day 204: E-nough of E-Waste

ewasteIt seems that the ubiquitous e-waste is going to come second on the list of “what’s in our garbage bins” (second only to our ever-growing plethora of broken dishes).

So far we have a laptop, a cell phone, a battery charger, and numerous wires and plug in type things crowding for bin space.

We all know that e-waste is technically recyclable, but did you know that only a small percentage of broken electronics actually gets salvaged? Continue reading


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Day 189: Milk Lids and This Week’s Waste

milk-recycling1I’ve been pondering milk containers lately.

I used to buy milk in 4-litre plastic jugs which are curbside recyclable here.  Then the recycling depot started accepting cardboard milk containers (no deposit unfortunately), so I started buying 2-litre cardboard containers instead.

Before long, we had piles and piles, dare I say a mountain, of cardboard milk and soya containers sitting on our front porch.  If that doesn’t say “welcome to our waste-free household”, I don’t know what does.  Continue reading


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Day 185: Happy Waste-Free New Years

Happy New Years!

So it has officially been 6 months since we started the Clean Bin Project.  Sometimes I think we’re doing quite well, and other times I feel like we are still creating mountains of waste, and the only difference is that we’re now segregating it into different piles.  Organized, but not necessarily to the point of waste reduction.

Up to this point, we have let ourselves pretty much buy anything that is recyclable.  We have a really great recycling program here in Vancouver, so we can recycle most everything.  That means our project is much easier than if we lived in the UK or New Zealand.

So in the spirit of keeping ourselves accountable for our waste, we’ve decided to take on a challenge proposed by Dave over at 365 days of trashContinue reading


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Day 157: Jump-Start Your Balls

ballsWe’re pretty sporty.  I mean, we have lots of sports equipment.  From baseball gloves to bicycles, snowshoes to swimming goggles, our shed, basement, and closets are filled with gear.  What I’m saying is if you want to do it, we got the stuff.

And, when we’re talking traditional team sports, you gotta have balls: volleyballs, soccer balls, footballs, basketballs, squash balls, tennis balls.  But the thing with balls is, they usually need to bounce, and once a ball has lost its bounce, it’s all over. Isn’t it? Continue reading


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Day 155: Young Minds Need to Know


I hate public speaking.  In fact, I have been known to throw-up before public speaking (my university car pool buddies can attest to that).  But I’m getting better at it, and last week Grant and I got to test out public speaking skills at a local high school.  We spent a morning block with three classes of mostly grade 8’s from Charles Tupper Seconday.

We showed the video of us on the news, we did a little presentation about the Clean Bin Project, we watched some of the Story of Stuff, and we brainstormed ideas for how the kids could reduce waste and consumption both at school and at home. Continue reading


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Day 147: Bright Ideas

bulbSo, we aren’t buying stuff, and that includes household goods.  Like light bulbs for instance.

Did we stock up?  No.

Are we going to give in and buy some? No.

Is it silly to not buy these modern essentials and then make up for it later by buying a bunch of them to replace the ones that died during the year?  Probably.

First off, I thought it wouldn’t be a problem because these new energy efficient light bulbs are supposed to last 7 years or so.  Figuring we’ve only lived here for 5, I calculate that we have about two more years worth of bulb left in those guys.  I say this in jest of course because I can tell you that more than one of my $7 energy efficient bulbs have died before their time. Continue reading


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