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Day 361: Clean Bin in the Globe and Mail

clean bin projectWith only 4 days left in our project (and at the risk of upstaging our final weigh in on Wednesday) the Clean Bin Project was in an article in the Globe and Mail today!

A national publication like this definitely reaches a scope of readership that is outside our regular network of blog readers, but it’s good for us to get outside our ‘bubble’ of support.  I keep wanting to check back in on the Globe’s website to see what comments people are putting up – both positive and negative. Continue reading



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Day 335: Conferencing and Farming

rcbcWahoo!  We made it through our presentation at the RCBC conference!  (and I didn’t throw up.)

I’m actually starting to think I’m passed the puking-before-public speaking stage of my life.

Anyway, after much frantic rehearsing on the 2 hour car ride to Whistler and much sweating at the back of the room waiting for our turn, Grant and I finally got our 20 minutes in the spotlight. Continue reading


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Day 267: Clean Bin in the MEC Catalog

grantjenThe Mountain Equipment (MEC) Spring Catalog is out!  But why, you may wonder, am I excited about a catalog full of stuff that I can’t buy due to the stringent rules of the Clean Bin Project?

Well, it just so happens that Grant and I, and our household’s waste-free, consumer-free initiative are featured on page 79!

For those of you who don’t live in Canada, MEC is our national co-operative outdoor equipment retailer and one of the most popular sources for gear and clothing for the self-propelled (think cycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, ski touring, and paddle sports).

Hmm, isn’t it funny, you may now be thinking, that a catalog designed to sell material goods, is featuring an article about a project designed not to buy them. . . . Continue reading


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Day 266: Clean Bin Award

award1“Hmmm, what is that?” you may be thinking of the curious object depicted to the left.

Couldn’t you tell?  It’s nothing less than a coveted award from The Rubbish Diet

Yes, The Clean Bin Project has won The Healthy Competition Award Continue reading


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Day 247: Waste Watch Wednesday-CBC

As promised, here’s the clip of Grant and I on the CBC evening news a couple Friday’s ago.  (I’ll have you know I have since patched Grant’s pants.)

Thanks to Lisa Johnson for coming to interview us and providing us with a youtube link to our two minutes of fame.


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