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Day 335: Conferencing and Farming

rcbcWahoo!  We made it through our presentation at the RCBC conference!  (and I didn’t throw up.)

I’m actually starting to think I’m passed the puking-before-public speaking stage of my life.

Anyway, after much frantic rehearsing on the 2 hour car ride to Whistler and much sweating at the back of the room waiting for our turn, Grant and I finally got our 20 minutes in the spotlight. Continue reading



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Day 267: Clean Bin in the MEC Catalog

grantjenThe Mountain Equipment (MEC) Spring Catalog is out!  But why, you may wonder, am I excited about a catalog full of stuff that I can’t buy due to the stringent rules of the Clean Bin Project?

Well, it just so happens that Grant and I, and our household’s waste-free, consumer-free initiative are featured on page 79!

For those of you who don’t live in Canada, MEC is our national co-operative outdoor equipment retailer and one of the most popular sources for gear and clothing for the self-propelled (think cycling, hiking, camping, rock climbing, ski touring, and paddle sports).

Hmm, isn’t it funny, you may now be thinking, that a catalog designed to sell material goods, is featuring an article about a project designed not to buy them. . . . Continue reading


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Day 266: Clean Bin Award

award1“Hmmm, what is that?” you may be thinking of the curious object depicted to the left.

Couldn’t you tell?  It’s nothing less than a coveted award from The Rubbish Diet

Yes, The Clean Bin Project has won The Healthy Competition Award Continue reading


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Day 247: Waste Watch Wednesday-CBC

As promised, here’s the clip of Grant and I on the CBC evening news a couple Friday’s ago.  (I’ll have you know I have since patched Grant’s pants.)

Thanks to Lisa Johnson for coming to interview us and providing us with a youtube link to our two minutes of fame.


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