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Day 224: Toxic Shampoo And More

shampoo2If you didn’t already need another reason to stop using store bought shampoo and conditioner, the Canadian government just decided that 16 chemicals, two of which are common ingredients found in shampoo and cosmetics, are actually toxic.

According to a story on, Siloxanes D4 and D5  which are found in products such as shampoo, antiperspirants, lipstick, textiles, paints and coatings, sealants, plastics, and food additives, were determined to be substances toxic to the environment. Continue reading


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Day 220: Out of Conditioner

shampooI knew it would happen.  After 220 days, I’m officially out of conditioner (actually, I ran out of shampoo too, but I have a previously rejected half bottle bottle still under the sink).

I’m able to avoid the dreaded bin because the bottle is #1 plastic (curbside recyclable), but I’m going to try to last the rest of the project without buying more conditioner based on the fact that I’m not convinced that hair products are actually essential hygiene.

It’s the same reason that I’m not buying mascara or eyeliner.  They look good, but I can still function and maintain basic levels of  “clean” just fine without them (ie.  I don’t smell). Continue reading


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Day 202: Razor Sharp

razor1This is an example of what our bathroom looks like.  Yup, you can see we have a little hoarding problem.  Each of the three of us have at least 2 to 3 razors on the go.

I think we’re all too guilt-ridden to throw them in our bins.  As long as they stay in the shower, we remain blissfully guilt-free and can ignore the fact that we have been partaking in such a disposable cultural monstrosity.  I haven’t thrown a razor out in 6 months, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been using them.

Maybe wrazor2e’re scared that we’ll run out, so we don’t want to be throwing potentially useful things in the garbage.  What is considered a dull blade now, may be the sharpest one on hand in another 8 weeks.   After all, we’re only half way through our year.  I have to ration my razors.   Continue reading


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Day 95: Bathroom Battles

As you may have heard, we removed the waste bin in our bathroom in favour of our “central kitchen recycling system”.  The idea being that if we only have one area to deal with our trash, we’re more likely to separate it properly and less likely to have little bins all over the house that then need to be sorted (or ignored as the case used to be).

Case in point: toilet paper tubes.  They’re cardboard and recyclable, but previously they always seemed to end up in our bathroom waste bin because we (myself included) were too lazy to actually walk 10 steps to the kitchen recycling bin.  Now that we have no option in the bathroom, all paper products, even little ones, get to their proper recycling areas.

Besides removing the waste bin, we have been doing a few other little things to help keep the bathroom waste to a minimum.  Here’s a list of what we’ve done so far: Continue reading


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