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Sweet Smelling and Soda Based

I feel like I write an awful lot about our household’s world of hygiene; however, in the world of zero waste, it seems to come up a lot.  So here goes.

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I ran out of antiperspirant.  Yes, it’s astonishing, but I really have been using the same one for over a year now (I only put it on when I need it which is definitely not every day).

Anyway, after reading about Beth’s baking soda method, I thought I’d give it a go.  After all, who doesn’t want to start their day with a pretty little powder puff beneath the arms? Continue reading


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ChChChhChh (You Brush Your Teeth)

(You might want to listen to this song to set the mood for reading this post).

I used to have one of those, battery powered toothbrushes.  You know, the ones with a vibrating head so you can “brush like a dentist”?  I had held back on buying one for a long time thinking that it was a waste of batteries and resources to have a toothbrush so large (plus, my dentist gave me brushes for free – why would I go out and spend $10 on one?)  But, after months of roommate peer pressure, I caved.

And|I have to admit I actually liked the vibrating toothbrush.  My teeth were smooth and polished.  When we started the Clean Bin Project and ran out of toothpaste, the combination of my vibrating toothbrush and my homemade baking soda toothpaste was even better.  And then things went awry.

Both my and Grant’s toothbrushes died.  (they were cheap pieces of crap after all).  So began the search for an eco-friendly toothbrush.  . . Continue reading


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Feminine Hygiene Chain Letter


I went to two conferences in the past two weeks, and in the process I learned a lot about social marketing.

At the first one, they were using a Mac computer for the presentations, and the first speaker commented about how Mac’s are the best computers and how much they love them.  Strangely, every single subsequent speaker, also mentioned their love of Mac products in their talk.  At first I thought that they were getting paid for the plug, but then I realized that Mac has developed such consumer loyalty that its clients have become its greatest advertisers – free spokespeople if you will.

The point is that people spread the word about products that they like.  Products like ipods or. .. . . divacups. Continue reading


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Dental Bliss

toms-toothpasteRemember way back when I ran out of toothpaste and started making my own?  I have to tell you the past 9 or so months of baking soda brushing have left me more than a little wistful for that minty fresh taste.  Plus, the homemade version leaves your teeth with that “just polished feeling” but doesn’t do your breath any favors.  So when our project officially ended, we sprang for a tube of the prepackaged stuff. Continue reading


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Day 291: I Can’t Stand Being Hairy

razor2That’s it. I’m done with being hairy.

90 days ago, in the name of rationing my few remaining razors until the sun came out, I stopped shaving my legs. But now, after truly giving it a shot, I can honestly say to those hairy legged ones out there “I don’t know who ya’ll do it”. Continue reading


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Day 224: Toxic Shampoo And More

shampoo2If you didn’t already need another reason to stop using store bought shampoo and conditioner, the Canadian government just decided that 16 chemicals, two of which are common ingredients found in shampoo and cosmetics, are actually toxic.

According to a story on, Siloxanes D4 and D5  which are found in products such as shampoo, antiperspirants, lipstick, textiles, paints and coatings, sealants, plastics, and food additives, were determined to be substances toxic to the environment. Continue reading


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Day 220: Out of Conditioner

shampooI knew it would happen.  After 220 days, I’m officially out of conditioner (actually, I ran out of shampoo too, but I have a previously rejected half bottle bottle still under the sink).

I’m able to avoid the dreaded bin because the bottle is #1 plastic (curbside recyclable), but I’m going to try to last the rest of the project without buying more conditioner based on the fact that I’m not convinced that hair products are actually essential hygiene.

It’s the same reason that I’m not buying mascara or eyeliner.  They look good, but I can still function and maintain basic levels of  “clean” just fine without them (ie.  I don’t smell). Continue reading


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