Little Things

Sometimes it’s the little things that make my zero waste day. For example, a little while ago I finally ordered this tape from Life Without Plastic.

I got some paper tape for sealing boxes and re-purposed envelopes and biodegradable, transparent, cellulose tape for gifts and other stuff (yes, I got a couple glass straws in there too). It’s funny that I’d get so excited about something as simple as tape, but it was driving me nuts that every time I had to stick a mailing label on a package or seal an envelope I was using something that was unrecyclable and non-biodegradable.

The arrival of the tape alone was a small thing that made me happy. But even better was the fact that when the package arrived, it looked like this:

How refreshing! Not a piece of bubble wrap or a packing peanut to be found. And I didn’t have to write some long winded letter to ask them not to include those things, they just do it. These little details make a big difference. Why can’t more companies be like this?



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4 responses to “Little Things

  1. I wish more companies did. I know that I will be ordering from them! Thanks for this!

  2. Agreed! More companies should be like this. I’m so glad that you write to companies when they package with plastic, I do so as well. Once I had to write to a yogurt company because they started putting plastic labels on their returnable glass bottles! The plastic completely defeated the purpose of having returnable packaging. I think they must have realized the problem because they stopped using the plastic labels after that test run.

    The tape looks great, I’ll check it out! I feel safe ordering from this company now, thanks!

  3. Steven Jarris

    This is important that we do our best to preserve and protect our world. Garbage bins need to be placed all over the cities in the US so that we don’t liter and do other things.

  4. Susan

    Not many companies are as mindful with their packaging because there isn’t a large enough demand for it. Boycotting companies that are overzealous with plastic and supporting the more ethical producers is the best thing we can do to fight it.

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