Attention Wannabee Urban Homesteaders

I am so so sad that I’m going to miss this, but I figured I could at least pass it on. The Homesteader’s Emporium is a new shop in Vancouver dedicated to all things urban farmy. Think bee keeping, chicken raising, cider pressing, flour grinding, and rainwater harvesting. I don’t buy too much “stuff”, but when I do, this is the type of thing I drool over. It’s like a super duper DIY store, and we’re pretty excited it’s in our general vicinity in East Van.

The grand opening is this weekend, and although we’ll won’t be there, I felt compelled to pass it on. They’ve got cool workshops for three days straight! Everything from “Keeping and Baking with Sourdough Starter” and “Growing Mushrooms at Home” to “Basic Soap Making” and “Stamp Crafts”. Check out full schedule and details at and have a great weekend!

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