Gumboots and Soup

perfect handmade soup mugs from

Yes, it’s that time of year. My mystery volunteer squash that threatened to overtake the garden have been harvested. The raised beds are looking a little bare, save for a few remaining carrots and beets, a scrawny row of last minute radishes, and the over-producing kale and swiss chard (Grant was done with kale back in June).

The wet weather has blown in. In short, it’s soup time.

My friend Keith called and insisted we go hunting for wild mushrooms. Dreaming of mushroom soup, I grabbed a few containers and we headed out to harvest a local and zero waste meal. Turns out that the mushroom patch wasn’t, as I’d expected, in the forest. It was right downtown. On the edge of a large grassy median in the heart of Yaletown (which, if you’re not from Vancouver, is a pretty fancy pants area).

And that is how I ended up in my gumboots harvesting mushrooms on a median in downtown Vancouver at rush hour as streams of business people walked by. (Never one to draw attention to myself in a public place, I found it a tad embarrassing). I was a little worried about the toxic traffic fumes impregnating the mushrooms, but Keith insisted he’d done this before.

In the end, we had wild, urban, shaggy mane hungarian mushroom soup for dinner (hungarian mushroom soup courtesy of The New Moosewood Cookbook – that recipe alone is worth the price of the book); zero waste, local, and pretty darn fun.




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2 responses to “Gumboots and Soup

  1. Deanna

    Have you and Grant tried Kale Chips? It is an amazing and addictive way to consume copious quantities of kale in a short time. Even for people who dont’ really like kale or leafy green things – like our five year old son – he likes them. He really likes them. :o) Email me if you want the recipe.

    • We’ve tried them twice. The first time I think I over did them, and they just tasted like dried out lettuce. The second time I added some spices and they were not bad. We ended up eating an entire bunch of kale in a single sitting. I think I expected them to be more like potato chips though, and they are definitely not.

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