Waste Watch Wednesday: The Majestic Plastic Bag

Ok, we haven’t had a wednesday video here for awhile, but then Grant showed me this stellar film last night, and I just had to share.

It’s a captivating short  – perfectly shot and capturing the true story of plastic bags in vivid detail. Plus, it’s narrated by Jeremy Irons for that authentic, British “what I’m saying is fact – you can tell from my accent” appeal. I could just listen to him all day. Long live the mockumentary.



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3 responses to “Waste Watch Wednesday: The Majestic Plastic Bag

  1. I love this video! I have to confess that the scene with the teacup Yorkie is my favorite part.

    Thank you for sharing this!

  2. Hi folks, Lucas here from PEDAL across the Americas. We rode through Vancouver last week and were dissapointed to see we missed your video. We were at the bike to work week wrap up celebration.
    It has been a great summer since we met you on the road by White River north of Lake Superior. We hope the trip was grand because ours certainly was.

    In true nature of a clean bin, we bought bulk candy and enjoyed it immensely when we stopped in Marathon.

    We wish we could have seen your great movie, and keep up the great work… we are inspired….
    Tomorrow we are making our way down into the states, and down the west coast.
    Take care, and happy trails, Lucas and the PEDAL team.

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