Sometimes You Forget the Damn Bag

Grant says your reusable bag should be like your wallet and keys – you just shouldn’t leave home without it.

Well, honestly. . . sometimes I forget my wallet.

But we have house rules, and one of those rules is “no new plastic grocery bags”.  If you forget your bag, that’s just too bad; I guess you didn’t need that thing you wanted to buy as badly as you thought.

Either that, or you improvise.

For example, upon forgetting their bulk bags, some people (aka Grant) get the coffee roasters to put the loose beans directly into their regular shopping bag.

That got me thinking about other ways to avoid the dreaded plastic bag.  You could:

  • salvage used plastic bags from the recycling pile at the grocery store
  • stuff your groceries into your purse
  • “borrow” the plastic basket from the grocers (I’m not advocating this in any way)

  • fashion a carrying bag from your shirt (image from My Zero Waste)

  • carry your groceries in your arms

I particularly like this last one and was lucky enough to personally witness this occurring at a store where they charge $1 per plastic bag.  It was pretty hilarious to see people struggling out of the store with a family’s worth of grocery items precariously balanced in their arms.  I can tell you, it only took one time before customers caught on to the new bag fees.

Anything to save $1 a plastic bag right?



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5 responses to “Sometimes You Forget the Damn Bag

  1. I think $1 per plastic bag is a fabulous idea. If that $1 was then donated to a green initiative, even better. But in the meantime, let’s make it painful for people to forget reusable options (and I must admit, that includes me sometimes too!).

  2. It’s totally amazing how making people pay for bags makes them stop using bags. Makes me wonder why everyone doesn’t do it!

  3. Laura Bucci

    What happens to me normally is that I’ll be going for a walk and then realize I need some stuff for supper. I don’t bother with a bag if it’s a few things — I’ll just use my hands & arms — but yeah, I think I have too think to always take a tote with me just in case.

  4. It seems like such a simple solution to me… when I lived in Norway 25 years ago you had to pay for the plastic bag… and wonder of wonders, people usually brought their own!

    Love your blog BTW. Just found it. I’ve been on a mission to create only 100 gallons of garbage this year… so far so good, but maybe I’ll get some new ideas!

    • Yeah here in Norway they cost 1kr = 20 cents .. i think that they should cost more.. because 1 kr is nothing.. i think that one or two USD is good. that is enough to make you bring your own..

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