Radio Netherlands

What do donkeys in Sicily, an on-line transport marketplace, and musical garbage in Taipei have to do with the Clean Bin Project?  We were all recently featured on  Earthbeat, an eco-minded show on Radio Netherlands.

In lieu of a “real post”, I’m going to point you over the interview Grant and I did (it’s in English of course) as part of a larger show on garbage.  It included stories on a range of rubbishy subjects from Amsterdam’s waste to energy plant to an interview at Unpackaged, that great package-free shop in London that I discovered a few weeks ago.

We were actually really excited because it meant we got to go to the CBC radio studios here in Vancouver and get a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” working of radio.  I was pretty impressed with the massive servers and high tech equipment and left with a real appreciation for the value of our national public radio station.

Thanks to Marnie and Jan from Radio Netherlands for hunting us down and having us on the show.

Click here to listen to our interview or here to learn more about the other stories.



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3 responses to “Radio Netherlands

  1. Uncle Keith

    Really interesting interview: you both came across very well. Good explanation of your motivations and the project itself. well done. Keith

  2. Mum

    Better late than never. I heard your interview for Radio Netherlands.

    You sounded so clear and explained everything very well. I can’t wait to see the movie!

    It was lovely to hear the interviewer with her pure English accent: sounded like the BBC!

  3. Marion Fuller

    Your interview was awesome and a great explanation of the project. Look forward to your movie.
    Thanks to your ideas, I’m refusing more packaging , especially with takeout.
    Plastic allergy – I like that one!

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