Getting Smooth the Vintage Way

So it finally happened.  Grant got fed up with cycling through his collection of dull and duller disposable razors.  He recently bit the bullet and purchased a safety razor.

Full credit here – he went one step further and bought a  safety razor from ebay.  He also heeded the advice of our lovely readers and took his time learning to use short strokes instead of those wide sweeping  jaw line passes you see in the Gillette commercials.

The end result was, I must say, quite smooth.  And more importantly, it greatly reduced our bathroom clutter and overall shaving guilt.

While we’re on the topic of retro smooth style, I also managed to pick up this little beauty while at my parents’ house (one casual comment about hairy legs, and my Dad unearths a long lost collection of random razors from the basement – who knew?).

It’s called the Sharon Mini Shaver, and I’m going to go ahead and call it one of the most stylish little razors I have ever seen.  You just hold it between your thumb and fingers and shave away.

The only inconvenience is that I don’t think it is shower-worthy, so I am stuck shaving my legs in the bathroom sink which isn’t the most convenient location. (If you know otherwise, let me know)

And finally, I wanted to give an update on the baking powder deodorant.   Still going strong.  In fact, Grant and I now both feel the urge to share our deodorant knowledge with everyone we meet and are constantly smelling our armpits and exclaiming at how amazingly odor-free they are.  I guess you could say we’ve been converted . . . let me know if you decide to try it out.



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13 responses to “Getting Smooth the Vintage Way

  1. The Sharon Mini Shaver is just cool. Anyway I am interested with the baking powder deodorant, I hope I get an update too…. Thank you.

  2. Lori

    I am going to try the deodorant. I have the tin ready and everything.. the only question i have is how do you make the poofy thing?

    • Sweet! My poofy thing is made of an orphaned sock turned inside out so the fuzzy part shows. I stuffed it with a few cloth scraps and tucked the end in to make a ball. I also considered using the scraps of fake fur I have around – would be happy to give you some of those. . .

    • Mum

      I use an old Nivea creme jar with a small quilted cotton pad (the ones for make-up removal, not feminine hygiene!).

      It can be used many times with the deodorant.

  3. Lori

    Ok. i made a poof with a sock but i did it before i read your reply and i didn’t stuff it. i will let you know how it works! thanks love.

  4. Way to go Grant!

    I love love love my safety razor! I have been shaving daily with it for over a year now and will never go back. It is super economical and eco-friendly. Just the thought of having to go to the store to buy replacement blades and all that plastic being thrown away… No way man!

  5. Uncle Keith

    You may be interested to know that my dad (Grant’s granddad, Frank Brown) used the same razor his whole life. Of course, many different blades, but he used it from when he started shaving as a teenager until he was 89. I’m not sure if Linda or Marion kept it. I was hoping to get some money from the manufacturer as it spoke so well of their product but it was so worn that I couldn’t see on it whether it was Gillette or Wilkinson. Keith
    Had Grant considered a cut-throat razor that we remember our grandparents using, with a leather strop to sharpen it? No need to even have disposable blades then! Pauline

  6. Peggy

    you could try not shaving! especially women. it takes some getting used to in our culture, but once you are there, and realize that nobody cares or even notices if you have hairy -pits or not, you will never even consider shaving them again. I think the custom got started in the sex trade with women trying to look pre-pubescent. Maybe we can drop that look now.

    • You’re totally right Peggy – it would be better just to not shave, but I tried it and ended up having to wash more often. Anyway, I fully support hairy folks the world over, I just don’t like it for myself.
      PS-I had no idea that was how it all got started.

  7. JP

    After I use my razor, I dry it with a towel and keep it in a drawer rather than in the shower where it’s constantly steamy. I also keep the cap dry. It lasts for months this way. It’s the water that makes it rust and gross, not the constant use.

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