Waste Watch Wednesday: Is Sustainable Action Fun?

Thanks to No Impact Man for turning me onto this sustainability gem by these guys (yes, it’s a corporation).

Maybe it doesn’t deal directly with zero waste, but it is about changing people’s behaviour – not through force, but through fun.

Wouldn’t we all rather be enticed, instead of pushed?



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5 responses to “Waste Watch Wednesday: Is Sustainable Action Fun?

  1. kate

    is this a brand new thing or something? my friend just sent me this link today as well…

  2. Uncle Keith

    piano stairs, what a great idea. I want to try them!

  3. This is wonderful – thank you so much for sharing; it’s real food for thought about how to inspire people to make changes.

  4. janet

    This past summer my daughter and I were taking the subway home and were happy victoms of a random act of Musical Theatre. Several men got on the subway and started to sing “I Feel Pretty” (from West Side Story) They had the whole subway car full of people join in singing and dancing. Subway dance parties are a happenin’ If I owned a car I would have missed that!

  5. For sure, we experience more – and are more “connected” with other people – while walking or in public transit, than we do while driving. I love that musical stairs experiment – nice idea.

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