Flying Pop

Remember that guest post that Grant’s cousin chronicling his adventure trying to avoid a plastic cup while on an airplane?  And then I wrote about Chris Jordan whose art work informed me that 4 million plastic cups are used in the United States airline industry each day?

Well yesterday was the first time I’d been on a plane in a while, and you could definitely say that plastic cups were on my mind.

As we took off, I clutched my reusable mug and prepared to fight for my right to use it.  I rehearsed in my mind how I would manoeuvre my way out of a plastic cup: plead, reason, cite the environment, claim the dreaded (but highly effective) “plastic allergy”?

But my fears were unneccessary. I’m happy to report that the good folks at Westjet didn’t bat an eye when I presented my reusable mug. That’s right.  I said ‘yes’ to apple juice and flew plastic cup free at the same time!

A small battle, but a perfect example of a choice we can make that could, collectively, have a big impact.

(And before you tell me about how the very act of flying is more detrimental to the environment than a plastic cup, I should probably say that yes, I agree.  And I do see the irony.)



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3 responses to “Flying Pop

  1. When I look at all the things that I do that damage the environment and/or could be improved to be sustainable, or save energy, I can classify them into categories:
    – easy for me to do
    – will take some effort to do
    – possible to do, but difficult
    – darn near impossible

    Not flying in an airplane to destinations falls into that last category for me. I just don’t have the time or luxury or inclination (most people don’t) to take a train or a boat.

    I know you can do carbon offsetting and all that, but truthfully, I am waiting for a better solution. Perhaps a “green” airline that flies on solar energy or windpower… eep, that doesn’t sound so good after all…

  2. WestJet is my fave airline thanks to their awesome service, friendly staff and overall feeling that they actually give a damn about more than the bottom line! Kudos for going plastic cup free 🙂

  3. Great for going plastic-cup free!!

    Every little bit counts!

    So if you have to choose between flying & disposable cups
    or flying with non-disposables, choice is clear!

    Many people will not give up flying yet, might consider giving up plastic trash more easily!

    PS You’ve won an AWARD! Check here:

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