broomI’ve been doing a little housekeeping here at the Clean Bin Project blog.  You know, changing the sidebar to reflect the fact that we’ve actually finished our year, etc, etc.

Anyway, I came to realize that in our attempt to keep the top bar of our site clean and compact, some of the resources on our website might have been neglected.  Pages like Top Ten Tips and Do-It-Yourself recipes (hidden under the Project page) were previously accessible only on the right-hand sidebar – not very handy.

So here’s the official semi-permanent fix.  When you go to The Project, you will now see this little list of resource pages at the top:

Top Ten Tips – Our best ten ideas to start making your household waste-free

DIY – Recipes and links for everything from granola to laundry soap

Resources – Find answers to questions like “where can I recycle that?” or “where in Vancouver can I get bulk dish soap”

Archives – Just what it sounds like.  It makes it easier for people to go back and start at the start (July 1, 2008)


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