Moukisacs and Moukinets

moukisac1I spent a year not buying “stuff”, so it may seem ironic that I’m about to shamelessly flog a material product, but I really do think it’s for the greater zero-waste good.

The first thing I bought after we finished our Clean Bin Project year was. . . well, it was actually a secondhand dress for my cousin’s wedding. . . . but, the second thing I bought was a set of Moukinets. They’re a fabulous reusable alternative to those flimsy plastic bulk and produce bags and you can use them for things like sprouting and making cheese too.

First off, they’re handmade in Vancouver, BC (points for local if you live in Canada or the US).

Second, you can put them in the washing machine (points for convenience and cleanliness).

Third, they have a drawstring, which is a feature come other bags I’ve seen are missing. You might think it doesn’t matter for veggies, but when you start buying oats and rice in them, you’ll remember that I said this and be thankful for the drawstring.

moukinetphotoThey say that actions speak louder than words. Well, I say, nothing shows sustainability at the grocery store as whipping out a couple of mesh bags in the produce section. People don’t see me choosing not to buy things in packaged in plastic, but they sure take notice when I use these bags. Seriously, I get comments on these things ALL the time. I need to start carrying around some Moukisac cards in my wallet.

Don’t get confused with my terminology here. Moukisac is the overall brand and refers to a handy, lightweight shopping bag that folds up into a shoulder bag/purse/fanny pack deal unlike any you have seen before (whatch the video below to find out what the heck I’m talking about). Each Moukisac comes with a set of Moukinets (reusable mesh bags), or you can buy the Moukinets separately which is what I did because I already have a ton of fabric shopping bags, but none (I am now realizing) as versatile and compact as the Moukisac.

Anyway, enough product flogging. You get the idea – I like these things.



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6 responses to “Moukisacs and Moukinets

  1. Uncle Keith

    Neat things. Now I know what M&Ms stands for. Keith

  2. Bookchen

    Other options for those who don’t live near Vancouver, and are looking for a local source for similar bags: Try Etsy: . Search under the key-words “produce bags”, and “mesh bags”.

    Or, of course, you can try to sew your own. Blogger Alicia Paulson mentions that Betz White’s “Sewing Green: 25 projects made with repurposed and organic materials” has instructions for similar bags.

    • Thanks for the link! Tons of great bags on Etsy.

      Sewing your own is a good suggestion too. Make sure you research your materials first – I heard that some mosquito netting is doused with chemicals.

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  4. Janine Primrose

    The link for the bags doesn’t work. I would love a set .

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