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Day 352: Clean Bin on Twitter

I promise this Wednesday’s video will be put up in a few hours, but until then, we have an announcement.  The Clean Bin Project is now on Twitter!

After nearly an entire year of avoiding the technology wave, we finally caved.

Don’t worry, it won’t affect our blogging style.  It just means that we can give snippets of what we’re up to for topics that I don’t have time to post on.  (It’s good for getting your daily dose of Clean Bin or for ramping up your ability to stalk us – “wow, what a coincidence running into you here”)

You can follow us at

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Day 151: Pet Waste

fiddleGato, our cat, was none too impressed, but our household acquired a new member on the weekend: a puppy.  Of course, being of the zero-waste sort of persuasion, we started thinking about pets and the world of waste management.

I will fully admit that we are not the most responsible of pet owners when if comes to waste, allowing Gato to do his thing outside wherever he pleases (which turns out to be primarily under the deck), but a dog is another thing.  Dogs don’t stick to one place, and you can’t have dog crap lying around the yard.  You have to do something with it.  But what? Continue reading


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Day 349: What Do You Do on a Family Vacation?

beach familyThis weekend, we went to the seaside for Grant’s annual family weekend get-together.  I started the weekend by smashing a homemade jar of jam on the kitchen floor in my haste to get out the door; I celebrated the  midpoint by dropping a mug on the tile floor of our rented cottage; but I rounded up by toting three bags of compost home on my bicycle.

Do you think the landfill waste diverted by the latter make up for the former? Continue reading


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Day 345: Waste Watch Wednesday – Stop Motion Recycling

Stop motion animation never gets old.  Thanks to fellow eco-blogger Layla of LaylasExperiments for sending this one in.

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Day 343: Cheese Making

paneerInspired by Animal, Vegetable, Miracle which I’m currently in the midst of reading, and which informed me that it only takes 1 hour to make fresh mozzarella, I thought I’d try my hand at making a little fromage.

I’d been putting it off for awhile, being too lazy to look for rennet which is essential to the cheesemaking process (although I have heard you can get it at Famous Foods on Kingsway).

Anyway, then I stumbled upon the Purple Foodie where Shaheen had recently posted about how to make paneer, the Indian cheese. It turns out that making paneer takes even less time than mozarella and you don’t need rennet! Continue reading


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Day 338: Waste Watch Wednesday- Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan does crazy-scale pieces of art that depict real life statistics.  For example, he has a canvas depicting what looks like an intricate system of tubing, but then you look closer and realize that it’s actually 1 million plastic cups.  That’s the number of plastic cups used and thrown out by the airline industry in the United States every 6 hours.  That’s 4 million plastic cups a day! Continue reading


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Day 336: Small Spheres of Influence

Two things happened today that made my waste-free day.

The first one was that someone from the conference wrote me to tell me that after our presentation (in her own words) “I actually went home and my boyfriend and I began planning our own rules for zero waste”.

How awesome is that!?

The second one was during a work meeting at a restuarant, and it went like this:

“I’d like a grapefruit soda”

“Can I have an iced tea? And, no straw.”

“Actually, I don’t need a straw either.”

Did ya see that?  That’s the small sphere of influence making a difference and that’s what makes this project worth it.

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