Day 365: The End!


Can you believe it has been a whole year!  I have all kinds of things on my mind for the last day of our buy-nothing-zero-waste year, but I only have an hour on my lunch break, so I’ll make it quick.

We’re going to have the weigh in tomorrow.  We have borrowed a scale, a pile of cloth napkins, and set of wine glasses, and I’ve been baking a few snacks for guests.  The bins are actually looking neck and neck.

Unfortunately it looks like Rhyannon is flying out of town -her flight got changed by the airline, but I am harboring a secret belief that she is trying to escape embarrassment because she seriously fell off the non-consumer wagon this weekend.  Let me just say that, although  Fiddle  started off with  a number of secondhand toys, he is certainly one spoiled puppy now. (sorry Rhy, I had to say it).

toothbrushSo, as of tomorrow, we can actually buy things!  Everyone asks “what will you buy first”?  Mundane things really.  Grant is in line for a new toothbrush (he’s waffling between recycled plastic and wood), I have been drooling over a set of moukinets for the longest moukinetphototime, and Rhyannon has been talking about finally buying some razors.

I am definitely excited to be free of “the rules”, but I do think that the rigidity of this year was worth it.

First of all, we were forced to scope resources for where we can take our “hard to recycle products” like light bulbs and soft plastics.  And we set up an excellent recycling center which we will continue to use, diverting most of our waste from the landfill.

Secondly, we proved to ourselves that we can (nearly) go without buying “stuff” which, in my mind, has crystallized the difference between wants and needs.  I am definitely going to be buying things now, but I hope that I spend a little more time evaluating them and choosing things that have a proportionally smaller impact on the environment.

yes, I know that’s idealistic, and I will probably be caught out buying a synthetic dress made in China at some point, but at least I’m thinking about it which is a lot more than I was doing a year ago.

Thirdly, we met a bunch of really passionate and interesting people who are doing all kinds of things to do with trash and recycling and zero waste and simple lifestyles. I’m going to feature some of them here soon which brings me to the final point.

This blog will continue.  Partly because our project is continuing (as we work on our documentary and figure out which rules we will keep for our daily lives) and partly because it has been pretty fun.

So as of tomorrow, the only thing that is changing about this site is that I get to take down that counter clock on the right hand side and put up a new one that says “we’re done”.  . . .or maybe “I win”, right Grant? Heh, heh.



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20 responses to “Day 365: The End!

  1. This is a fabulous moment and I’m looking forward to tomorrow. Your journey has been very exciting to follow and you’re simply an inspiration. And I am so pleased to hear your blog will continue. Lots of love and congratulations, Karen x

  2. Layla


    & YAY for keeping the blog from now on too!! 🙂

    Am really curious about the weigh-in! Do report!
    /will it be at midnight..?!! ;)/

    Like the Harry Potter books!! 🙂

  3. Well done you! What you have done requires a level of commitment that eludes and yet inspires me. You should all be very proud of what you have achieved.

  4. Mum

    Many congratulations all of you for making it through the year. I am so proud of you, and have been inspired by your dedication.

    Good for you Jen for keeping up with the blog.

  5. Uncle Keith

    Well done you three. And congratulations on your good efforts and raising awareness.

    I (Keith) have been reminded of a movie we saw in the late seventies called “Guess who’s coming to dinner”. I think it focused on Western Family foods. Also I’ve been thinking about the book we bought in Panama in 1971 and read on our travels in South America then, “The Greening of America” It would be fun to see that again and how things have changed, what issues are still valid, and how much it affected our thinking, actions, and lives.

    Anyway, have a great celebration on July 1st – Dominion Day!

    Love, Keith

  6. Terry

    I discovered you guys when the new MEC catalogue came out, so I had a lot of catching up to do reading your blog. But I wanted you to know that because of your project I have become even more aware of my own wasteful habits and have made great strides in a few short months.
    I’m so pleased you will continue writing your blog; I find your example inspiring and helps me stay on track. Thanks for starting this project.

  7. Laura

    It’s been great watching your project develop, I’ve gotten loads of ideas from you, thanks so much for your inspiration, can’t wait to see the doc!

  8. Congratulations!! What a milestone . . . and a journey.

  9. Gosh, I feel like crying! This is such an amazing moment, isn’t it?

    I’m so proud of you and yes, the first question on my mind was ‘what will you buy first!’ But I love that they are all small things! You’re not talking about a new TV or computer upgrade; no, you’re talking about a toothbrush and razors; which I think is really significant.

    Well done all of you – it’s an amazing achievement. Not one I could have done. But, like you, because we look at waste, it makes us think really hard before we buy (well, most of the time LOL!)

    Have a wonderful, wonderful day – you must be elated and I’m SO relieved to hear you will be keeping up with the blog!

  10. Congrats !

    As everyone i’m glad you are following this blog, we’ll ear about how to choose the best environnemental items instead of crap. I’m sure that your gimmicks “no bag thanks” and “no napkin thank” will still here and that next year will be as green as this.
    Thanks for the link to moukinets, i was looking for bags like this for long time.

  11. Woohoo! I can’t wait to see who won! Congratulations, you three.

  12. Rhy


    I want to thank and congratulate you too!! You have inspired me over the course of the project to continue with it, have left me with guilt over my few purchases which has kept me from consuming more unnecessary goods, and most of all have taught me a lot about waste, recycling, and other environmental issues that have changed my lifestyle forever for the better.

  13. Monica

    You three are an inspiration. Have I mentioned that yet?!

    Can’t wait to see the results!


  14. Tom

    Yay! Congratulations! As others have said, you guys are truly an inspiration. I’m curious to see who won, also.

    • Thanks to everyone for your kind words here! We were pretty happy with our final weigh in. I’ll post about it soon I promise. We have been inspired by so many other people out there (green bloggers you know who you are). Having a readership makes all the difference because we know there are people out there who are interested (and hopefully they’ll be interested in the film too!) in changing or are changing. I’ll save my other comments for the official post, but thanks again for your support and ideas!

      I can hardly believe it has been a whole year already!

  15. So amazing guys. Thanks for your support on our project.

    I am dying to know the results!!

  16. John Costigane

    Hi Jen,

    A great achievement by both in reaching a full year in waste reduction/elimination. A head-to-head contest is a different angle. I just hope there has been no waste transfer, on the quiet.

    Joking aside, the video is a great idea. Channel 4 here covers a lot of waste issues, the latest a Sainsbury’s series. They might be a good contact for you, with your North American perspective. The problems are similar in both areas.

  17. You are a good example to follow… ! Congratulations for both of you, who ever win!
    I’m looking forward to watch that movie your making from your year.

  18. Congratulations guys!!!

    It has been a pleasure reading about your experiences this past year! I can’t wait to see the documentary, and look forward to more good ol’ fashioned blogging in the year to come!

  19. Andrew

    Congrats you three, I can’t wait to see the doc! I would love to promote/present the film in Nova Scotia when/if the time comes!

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