Day 362: Simple Savvy

Christine over at Simple Savvy got married last week (Congrats Christine!), so she graciously let me take over her blog for a day while she was tied up with the festivities.

If you don’t read the Simple Savvy blog, well, you should.  I’ve noticed lots of bloggers straddle the line between “frugal” and “eco” or “DIY” and “a simpler life” or “being green” and “having a green thumb”.  I think all these things are interconnected, or at least they’re all things that I’m interested in.In either case, Christine’s blog is right up my alley.

The theme of my guest post is “Commitment to going green” because, for us, that was the hardest part of changing our lifestyle.  We talked a lot about reducing our waste, but actually committing to doing it was the challenge. We still have a long way to go, but our year long project has been a pretty good start.

Anyway, head on over to my guest post to read more.



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2 responses to “Day 362: Simple Savvy

  1. Thanks for linking to me Jen! I don’t often find blogs that take into consideration DIY, green, simple, frugal, and food topics all at once. Glad we’re in the same boat.

    • No problem Christine. It’s strange how you can really get to know someone just by reading their blog. And it’s cool how people from across the continent can have similar viewpoints.

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