Day 352: Clean Bin on Twitter

I promise this Wednesday’s video will be put up in a few hours, but until then, we have an announcement.  The Clean Bin Project is now on Twitter!

After nearly an entire year of avoiding the technology wave, we finally caved.

Don’t worry, it won’t affect our blogging style.  It just means that we can give snippets of what we’re up to for topics that I don’t have time to post on.  (It’s good for getting your daily dose of Clean Bin or for ramping up your ability to stalk us – “wow, what a coincidence running into you here”)

You can follow us at


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One response to “Day 352: Clean Bin on Twitter

  1. well done Jen – we’re on there too after a lot of resistance LOL! @myzerowaste
    See you there 🙂

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