Day 252: Waste Watch Wednesday-Captain Charles Moore

Captain Charles Moore founded the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, but you might know him better as “the guy who talks about plastic in our oceans”.  He has brought to the mainstream an awareness of the dangers of plastics to wildlife and the environment.  His work includes writing papers on the topic of ocean contamination, giving lectures (yes another TED lecture guy), and developing protocols for monitoring marine and beach micro-plastics.  Plus, he still manages to look manly while wearing a multi-coloured necklace of plastic flotsom – what’s not to like?

Beth over at Fake Plastic Fish filmed this clip last week while she was visiting the Captain.  He was presenting at Google down in Mountainview California, and she, as an avid anti-plastics spokesperson, was invited. So thanks Beth for this exclusive clip (well, exclusive to those of you who don’t already read her blog)



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2 responses to “Day 252: Waste Watch Wednesday-Captain Charles Moore

  1. Monica

    I love TED! And Fake Plastic Fish. Her campaign to get Brita to take back their filters is an inspiration. And Captain Moore is doing great work in bringing this issue to the world’s attention. Thanks for posting this video.

    I’m still trying to get my mind around where the plastic is coming from. Is it from countries dumping their garbage in the ocean? Sunken supertankers? Litter blown into rivers and swept out to sea? In other words, I’m wondering if this a disposal problem, and if takeback programs and recycling help, or if this is a production/distribution issue. (This is what wonks like me wonk about.)

    Great seeing you guys at the Zero Waste Vancouver event last night!


    • Monica

      Whoops, I meant to say… “if takeback programs and recycling WOULD help.” Very few takebacks exist for plastic products and packaging right now, except for BC’s deposit-refund system for beverage containers.

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