Day 336: Small Spheres of Influence

Two things happened today that made my waste-free day.

The first one was that someone from the conference wrote me to tell me that after our presentation (in her own words) “I actually went home and my boyfriend and I began planning our own rules for zero waste”.

How awesome is that!?

The second one was during a work meeting at a restuarant, and it went like this:

“I’d like a grapefruit soda”

“Can I have an iced tea? And, no straw.”

“Actually, I don’t need a straw either.”

Did ya see that?  That’s the small sphere of influence making a difference and that’s what makes this project worth it.


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One response to “Day 336: Small Spheres of Influence

  1. Oh that’s just beautiful Jen – i love moments like these. And I love more that you stopped and noticed them and share them with us. You’ve really made me think now about these perfectly titled ‘small spheres of influence’.

    What a brilliant post; on our one year anniversary too – thank you for such a gift!

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