Day 331: Waste Watch Wednesday-Garbage Warrior

I watched this film quite awhile ago, but I think of it often.  Michael Reynolds is architect who creates homes out of reused tires and plastic bottles.  These amazing “earth ships” in the desert are completely off the grid, require no air conditioning or central heating, and possess a distinctly zero-waste vibe.

The film documents Reynold’s struggles to get his innovative building methods through the American court system of building codes and follows him overseas where countries suffering tsunami damage embrace his technologies.

I can’t imagine houses like these popping up in Vancouver any time soon, but if Michael has his way you just might see these sustainable community clusters spotting the American countryside.



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3 responses to “Day 331: Waste Watch Wednesday-Garbage Warrior

  1. Tyler

    This is a really cool experience. I’ve always thought it would be cool to do something like this. Hope it’s going well, I’ll be looking back over your progress to get a feel for how things are working out thus far.

  2. Andrew Hemmens

    Two years ago I applied to go down to Tao New Mexico to learn to build Earthships, I made it to the standby list only. I would love to build an Earthship in Canada, there is one here in Nova Scotia in the North Mountains, it’s beautiful!


    • So it works in colder climates too eh? I would love to see an earth ship in real life. I’ve seen some houses made of straw bales or earth, but not with the tire and plastic bottle combination.

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