Day 324: Waste Watch Wednesday-Landfill Blues

I was at a meeting yesterday when someone mentioned a song that their municipality had used to educate kids about recycling.  Ever excited about finding a new song (and video) about waste, I looked it up.

J.P.Taylor actually has a wack of environmental and educational kids’ CD’s (plus $3 from every album of his latest release goes to an environmental charity).

Anyway, this particular song, called “Landfill Blues” is pretty darned catchy.  Thank goodness I had that meeting yesterday or I wouldn’t have had a video to share with ya’ll.


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One response to “Day 324: Waste Watch Wednesday-Landfill Blues

  1. lol it really is catchy!!:)

    somewhat scary too, especially the pics!!
    might really drive the message home for some people!! Thanks for sharing it!!

    I hope more & more people get inspired & we all lose the landfill blues!!

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