Day 321: Clean Bin Meets the Green Team

J and R at EPICWhile at EPIC, Rhyannon and I met a couple ladies from the Green Team, a volunteer initiative sponsored by Metrotown (a shopping mall) and the Vancouver Sun.

They were at the Metro Vancouver talk about zero waste and recycling, so they got to listen to our little spiel about about the Clean Bin Project as well.

Afterward, they asked if they could write about our project in an advertorial for the Vancouver Sun.  So anyway, that’s how we ended up in Wednesday’s newspaper and on the Green Team blog.

Click here to see the full article.



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4 responses to “Day 321: Clean Bin Meets the Green Team

  1. Well done Jen, on spreading the word; the article in the Green Team publication looks great 🙂
    Nice photo of you both too 🙂

  2. Great to read about you & great photo, I agree!!

    I had always thought before that Rhyannon was a man! – Oops! 🙂
    /the friend who eats pizza in the film! :)/

    She’s another very gorgeous woman with very little trash in her bin instead!

    YAY for spreading the word & raising awareness – I agree, if EVERYONE made really small steps, we could all make a BIG difference!! 🙂

    • Thanks for the support Mrs Green.
      And Layla, I laughed my head off that you thought Rhyannon was a man! That is hilarious, but understandable since you saw Brian (a friend) in the film and he was in our house. But I assure you Rhyannon is very much a woman, and everyone in this household is very much participating in the Clean Bin Project. She looks like she might even win the zero waste part at this point! The film really follows Grant and me since we are the ones running around interviewing people and because we conceived of the idea before we lived with Rhyannon, but don’t worry, she is definitely in our household and has some things to say too.

  3. Oh gosh!! 🙂 lol – I see that I’ve made a huge mistake! 😀

    Not only did I think Rhyannon was a man, I also thought your friend was the least clean-binny of you all!! 🙂 /naturally, as I assumed it was your friend Brian from the film! :))

    It is really AWESOME that all three of you really jumped aboard with the idea! /& I’m slightly jealous now, cause my Sis is a bit like your friend Brian, when it comes to recycling or especially the reduce part or such!! :)/

    GO Clean Bin Team!! 🙂

    Hmm, I wonder if *I* were to participate in the challenge, how much trash would I make? 😉 (I had thought to assign bins to family members before, but they were kinda shocked at the idea! :)/

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