Day 317: Waste Watch Wednesday-Bag the Bag

Simple message, but a good one.


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3 responses to “Day 317: Waste Watch Wednesday-Bag the Bag

  1. I didn’t know so many countries were banning the bag! WOW!!

    Well, I read an article online complaining that in some areas where people no longer get free plastic bags, the number of plastic bags BOUGHT ‘for garbage’ (to line bins) has increased?

    So it ONLY makes sense to ban the bags together with a comprehensive study of clean-binness 🙂 & making zero waste (or at least, very little trash!)

    • I have read those articles too. People do buy more plastic bags when they don’t have access to free ones (with the added disadvantage that store-bought bags are thicker and therefore take even longer to breakdown). I have also read about how many companies find loopholes by adding handles etc (depends on the legislation) to make the bags allowable in certain countries.

      I am torn between wanting to see plastic bags banned and just wanting people to give them up voluntarily (which is better for participation and generalpublic goodwill). No one wants to be forced to do anything, but sometimes that’s the only way things change. . . .

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