Day 310: Waste Watch Wednesday – Scrub Brush

Whistler, BC (yes, the one with the huge ski hill) has many other things going besides the mountains.  For one, they have this TELUS 72 hour Filmmaker Contest” (yes, everything is sponsored in that town).  Anyway, I just got my hands on this short that was a finalist in this year’s competition.

Before you see it, I must applaud the filmmakers who whipped this whole thing together in only 72 hours – that’s filming, editing, and a heck of a lot of crazy animation.  Secondly, it was meant for the big screen, so some of the text is hard to read – make sure you watch it in fullscreen mode.



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2 responses to “Day 310: Waste Watch Wednesday – Scrub Brush

  1. Uncle Keith

    Thanks for sharing this very effective little movie. It’s great to keep presenting the message. Keith

  2. It’s beautiful & very artsy!

    I was shocked by some of the numbers..

    True, it would be great if it would be easier to read!
    (But now I know you can watch YouTube videos full-screen! :D)

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