Day 308: Free Compost!

tomatoI just read on the Rubbish Free Diet about Mrs. Almost Average getting free compost at her local recycling centre, and that triggered my memory.  A little while back when Grant and I visited the Vancouver Landfill, they mentioned something about free compost in the spring.  

Sure enough, their website says this (in tiny little letters):

“Every May, Vancouver residents may pick up one cubic metre to compost for free at the Vancouver Landfill.  For other sources of compost and sources of mulch, call the Regional Compost Hotline at 604.736.2250”

Normally, a cubic metre goes for $10, but we all know I love free stuff, and since I deem this to be  directly related to food growing, I think it’s ok by Clean Bin Rules.  

So, if you’re having the gardening itch, and you live in Metro Vancouver, head on out to the landfill at 5400 72nd Street, Delta.  Now is the time to get those veggies in the ground for a packaging free harvest this summer.  

PS.  Don’t forget to bring your own container and shovel.



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5 responses to “Day 308: Free Compost!

  1. After visiting the landfill, cross the highway into Tsawwassen and visit the Boundary Bay Earthwise Garden and Farm. 6400 3rd ave, delta. It’s free to walk around the gardens and see how beautiful a one-acre ecologically designed (with habitat, maintenance, and environment in mind) organic garden can be. We also run a one-acre small-scale sustainable organic farm and farm markets one to two times a week in season, starting May 23. You can also pick up plants, organic fertilizer or soil to get started at home. More at

  2. I hope the soil improver\compost was not as smelly as the stuff I picked up over here in the UK. I’m surprised my neighbours haven’t complained 😀

    Good for the garden though and in time it will settle x

  3. Thank you for the tip Jen! I was just wondering how I could get my hands on some compost. We just took off some of the turf to create our community garden at the back of our apartment building. Some compost will be a wonderful and necessary addition to the soil.
    Happy gardening to every one!

    • Hi Moukie – you just have to show up at the delta landfill (the composting area) with a vehicle that can take dirt. You could either take a regular car and fill up containers like old garbage cans or, if you take a pick up truck, they will just fill it up with a digger (or whatever you call those things). Quick, you’re running out of time!

  4. VANBC

    Its Also good idea to make your own compost. All your veg., fruits, grass, leaves, cardboard etc. are good source of compost. Start your own compost bin and enjoy.

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