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Day 279: Rubbish Art

noblewebster_trash-shadowA popular idea is that we can reuse our waste in some sort of arts and crafts project, thereby “saving” it from the landfill.  While I realize that this type of thinking is only prolonging the inevitable, I do think that the process of making art from trash can say some pretty interesting things about our culture (and can be beautiful to boot).

I’m not talking about gluing Popsicle sticks onto cardboard here; I’m talking serious art.  Like that by Tim Noble and Sue Webster (yes, I had never heard of these people either, until I read about them over at the Everyday Trash blog.  But one look at their work and you’ll see why I was compelled to share it.)

This piece was created from 6 months worth of the artists’ garbage.  I’m not an art critic, so I’m not going to attempt to articulate how this relates to zero waste, but it does make me think about consumption (and why the heck did they throw out that perfectly good roll of toilet paper there in the front?).

In any case, anyone who can make a pile of garbage look like anything but is pretty cool in my books.  Click here for more pics.


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Day 275: Waste Watch Wednesday – Projecting Change

Tomorrow is the beginning of the Projecting Change Film Festival here in Vancouver.  It’s all about “promoting Green and Sustainable Living through the use of entertaining & educational film” (which is obviously right up our alley).  It runs from April 2-5 and will be screening a bunch of films featured with relevant speakers like (get ready for a name drop) David Suzuki.  For those of you who liked Addicted to Plastic, which I featured last week, now is your chance to see it on the big screen. Continue reading


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