Day 303: Waste Watch Wednesday R-E-C-Y-C-L-E

There’s nothing like a musical recycling ditty to make you want to put your paper and aluminum in the correct bins.

Now, I don’t know a thing about this Rocko’s Modern Life cartoon show.  According to wikipedia it often includes “double entendres, sexual innuendos, and social commentary”, but don’t worry, this clip is rated G for “general” and RA for “recycling awsomeness” (I know that’s not a word, but I’m using it anyway).


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One response to “Day 303: Waste Watch Wednesday R-E-C-Y-C-L-E

  1. lol Love it!!

    The CFCs are especially particle-ry cute!! 🙂

    Does remind of Rocky’s horror picture show, musically!! 🙂

    I wonder if it was done by the same people…?

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