Day 291: I Can’t Stand Being Hairy

razor2That’s it. I’m done with being hairy.

90 days ago, in the name of rationing my few remaining razors until the sun came out, I stopped shaving my legs. But now, after truly giving it a shot, I can honestly say to those hairy legged ones out there “I don’t know who ya’ll do it”.

Having hairy legs is itchy and uncomfortable. When you wear socks, the hair gets pushed the wrong way and you end up with that burning and aching sensation like when you’ve been wearing a ponytail too long. Also, I would’ve thought that the extra layer of warmth would protect my skin, making it softer, but instead it must act like a sponge, because my legs are currently devoid of moisture.

Possibly it’s my need for an expanded wardrobe that is pushing me in this direction. Or maybe it’s purely aesthetics.Ā  Either way, I’ll wear shorts around the house, but have not managed to wear a skirt to the office in more than 3 months.

I’m blessed with blond leg hair, but I still don’t want it waving to the wider world.Ā  Plus, the combination of my salty-dog homemade toothpaste, lack of mascara (it’s on a strict rationing program too), unconditioned hair, and shaggy legs that is putting me over the edge in terms of how sexy I feel.

The leg hair is the one I could do something about.

I think I could go for a 3 month winter stint again, but for now, I’m officially back to being smooth in the sunshine.

PS-First on my list of things to buy (when we can buy things again) is a reusable safety razor.



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12 responses to “Day 291: I Can’t Stand Being Hairy

  1. Juliette

    If you can stand the pain, you could try a homemade sugaring solution:

    I’ve used this before (not this exact recipe, but very similar) and it worked very well. I found I didn’t even need the fabric strips – it would just come off (with the hair) all by itself.

  2. Your blog is so inspiring! You went 90 days? You are truly amazing.

  3. janet

    Get a recipe for sugaring hair removal. Google one. Easy- ingredients from your kitchen. All natural. Not nearly as painful as childbirth!

  4. Uncle Keith

    Jen – too much information!

  5. Auntie Pauline

    I totally understand. When we were travelling through Europe and North Africa in the 70’s, many Scandinavian and German girls went “au naturel” (i.e. no shaving) so I thought I would too. I didn’t last 90 days though!

  6. Uncle Keith

    Jen. Interesting, but too much information!

  7. Suzanne

    I’m one of those who ‘do’ it…. and have for almost twenty years. I had a list of complaints about having to shave kind of like the list you have about not shaving. I guess it’s a ‘where you’re coming from’ (accumulation of our experiences) kind of thing. But, honestly, it no big feat to not shave. I actually wonder how those who shave do it. šŸ˜‰ And, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by my hairy legs, but childbirth isn’t always painful. I felt pain when I birthed. But I know women who didn’t. And these are women who shave their legs too. šŸ˜‰

  8. Wow! Well done! 7 weeks, in the dead of winter, is my max! The most unfortunate thing is that with skirt wearing, tights usually accent the blond leg hairs- especially since winter is usually when the dark tights are brought out! Makes you look like you’re perpetually in need of a lint brush!

    You’re getting close to the end of your year- how do you feel??

  9. I’m with Teagan; the depths of winter is ok, but I love that first stepping out hair free in the spring.

    I don’t blame you Jen; you’ve gone for ages like this and I admire you. I would definitely have snuck in a few razors by now or started plucking them out with tweezers one by one LOL!

    • Well, it looks like I’m going to have to try sugaring. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.
      Keith, maybe you’re right – I could have a “women’s topic” disclaimer on my posts; although I do have to say that I haven’t talked about feminine hygiene too much on this blog thus far, so you’re pretty lucky.
      Teagan – you’re right, between the cat and the leg hair, I do look a bit unkept. Pretty exciting to be near the end of the year. I am crying out for new (secondhand) clothes and am looking forward to participating in eating all kinds of cheese (not just the few varieties from the local deli).
      Suzanne – good on ya. If you find it comfortable, why not? Much lower maintenance really. I’m still only a once-every-week-or-two kinda girl, so I shouldn’t act like I’m baby smooth or anything.

  10. Erika

    Wax, electrolysis or laser. Haven’t touched a razor since my teens, and even way back then a second-hand electric razor worked pretty dandy.

  11. I’ve been using an epilady-type thing for ages; once a week I run it over legs, bikini line, and underarms …. (or every two weeks, I keep forgetting to do it). At first it feels painful, but after a while you get used to it. I watch some telly while running it over the legs, and then go back for a closer inspection for any strays.

    I know what you mean, though; I am uninterested about hair colouring, fancy cuts, expensive clothes, all that jazz, but I feel selfconscious if the legs are overly sprouty…

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