Day 289: Waste Watch Wednesday – Josh Rachlis

While perusing Green as a Thistle a couple days ago, I came across this enviro-gem of a video.

Seems that Josh Rachlis from Toronto, who is a rabid environmentalist, has been pining after Laurie David, the producer of An Inconvenient Truth, for quite some time. Back in 2007 when he heard she was getting divorced from Larry David (of of Curb Your Enthusiasm fame), he grabbed his chance and made a video of himself proposing to her.

Now, two years later, Josh is still on his mission, and has returned with a snazzy, and environmentally minded video. Check out the size of that ring he’s offering her.



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6 responses to “Day 289: Waste Watch Wednesday – Josh Rachlis

  1. pauline

    how stinkin’ cute is that guy!!

  2. Hey, that’s my friend Josh! I posted the exact same video on my blog 🙂 Also can’t believe I’ve only just discovered your challenge… the doc looks great, though, so let me know when it’s done and maybe I can write about it, either for the National Post or the Thistle… keep up the great work! And good luck!

  3. Thanks for posting this, guys! I came across your posting thanks to my special eco superpowers that detect fluctuations in the… Okay, okay. I was notified thanks to Google Alerts. But anyway, really appreciate it. Maybe THIS will be the link that causes Laurie David to finally watch my video! She still hasn’t responded to me, you see. Maybe her email is down? ANYway… At least Pauline likes the vid! Oh, and love your idea for the doc. Can’t wait to see it. And Enviroman is available should you wish to include an eco superhero in the film to help you compete with the upcoming Iron Man sequel!

    • Yay, two eco-heros commenting on one post! Thanks to Josh – we love your video (plus it’s wayyy better than your first try). Be careful what you mention – we might show up on your doorstep with a film crew.
      And as for Green as a Thistle – if you haven’t checked out her crazy project – do it now (and read the book too). She did one new green thing everyday for a year including unplugging her fridge! And no, I’m not just sucking up because I would LOVE to see a story about us in the National Post. . .

  4. lol hilarious!! 🙂

    Love it!! 🙂

    uhm, how would you recycle the plastic-metal ring though? uhm, nevermind 😉

    • Layla, I would disassemble the ring, clean off the glue, and put the pieces in the blue box. However, it would never come to that, because Laurie and I will be together forever. 😉

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