Day 286: White Pants Show Down

not-buying-itGrant is losing the consumer competition. He can site “work exemption” all he wants, but we all know that buying clothing is a definite no no.

Maybe we need a little background first.  Before we started the Clean Bin Project, I actually read a book by Judith Levine called Not Buying It: My Year Without Shopping which was, predictably, about a similar project where by she and her husband didn’t buy “stuff” for a year.

I distinctly remember feeling ripped off when I read that they were buying materials for their home renovation, and even more perturbed when Judith went out and bought (horrors) a pair of pants! That’s an immediate fail in my books, and we vowed to be pretty stringent in our own take on the game.

In our project, clothing is out. It has always been out. And it is NOT a work exemption as Grant would have you believe.  I’d like some new work clothes too, but I haven’t bought them have I?  I’m still wearing the pilly black dress pants I started the year with.  Why does he get a work exemption and I don’t hmmmmm? (I could go on, but I’ll save you from my wining)

As you may know, Grant is a musician.  His band plays shows every so often – maybe twice a month.  Last week, the band arbitrarily decided that they wanted to wear all white so they looked like a team up there.  I don’t know why they didn’t just pick black or some other color of clothing that they already owned. Not too many people actually have white pants kicking around the house. . .

To his credit, Grant went secondhand.  The pants he found were 2 sizes too small, so I don’t know if I would classify them as a smart purchase. He white-pants1actually debated cutting the pockets out of them to gain an extra millimeter of girth.

While he was at it, he picked up a pair of gleaming white shoes that were also a size too small (such is the price for fashion at the last minute).  All I can say is that he damn well better wear them again.

The irony to this whole story is that the drummer, Brian, actually did own white pants, but he said they didn’t have enough pockets, so he ended up wearing black ones!

To conclude on this summary of consumer failure in the Clean Bin Project: Rhyannon bought boots, Grant bought pants, I win.  Happy Easter!



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8 responses to “Day 286: White Pants Show Down

  1. Rebecca

    Do you have a Facebook Fan page? I think it would be easy to create awareness about the project on Facebook too!

    (I’ve updated my status with your website address and had a few friends ask if you did anything on FB.)

    I’m very inspired by your project and your blog!


  2. Auntie Pauline

    We think, to be fair, Jen should also be allowed to buy a pair of white, used pants, two sizes too small, plus a pair of small white shoes for work too!
    Keith & Pauline

  3. Blimey – was it worth it; to buy clothes that are way too small!
    I’d rather wear old and black that fit.

    Ho hum – I hope you feel smug, Jen – you deserve to LOL!

  4. kate

    that is ridiculous! but can’t he just return them? and then it’s kinda like it never happened…they didn’t take up resources to be made for him, there won’t be any extra stuff in your house, and someone else will buy them anyway…
    however, i see the point and you definitely deserve the gloat

  5. hmm.. Freecycle them? 🙂

    or re-sell for $$$?

    maybe he can just wear the drummer’s pants next time?

    & oh I hear you on the clothes issue – I wanted to go clothes-free for a year too, & then got invited to a wedding where I’d need a turquoise (or chocolate brown) dress as a bridesmaid?!! ohh..
    (and golden shoelets?! who has golden sandals at home in the house??)

    Life of zero waste superherous ain’t easy!! /sigh/

    • You guys are all right – of course he could return them. It would be like “renting” which is what we’ve been doing for certain things like some video equipment. I’m just giving him a hard time because the only piece of clothing that he bought this year didn’t even fit properly. For the record, he has worn them twice now, so they may become a band wardrobe staple. (The drummer still refuses to wear white pants though)

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