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Day 265: Do It Yourself Waste Free Style

So, I commented a couple weeks ago about how this Clean Bin Project thing was turning out not only to be an obsession about waste, it was also becoming a huge DIY fun fair.

We have ended up making quite a few things from scratch that we might otherwise have bought.  Continue reading

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Day 264: Snowboarding Waste


Wells Gray Hut - photos by Magnus Byne

So Grant and I got home from a fabulous week of riding in Well’s Gray Park, and I had pretty much nothing to report for waste.

We did a big bulk shop beforehand, reusing bags we already had, to get trailmix, cereal, powdered milk, and dried fruit etc.  I made a pan of granola bars and a batch of cookies and froze a second batch into a roll to be sliced and baked in the cabin.  We did end up packing a lot of things in plastic bags Continue reading

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Day 262: Cluck Cluck Cluck

henIt’s official! Vancouver has joined the ranks of such municipalities as Seattle and Victoria and has voted to allow the keeping of backyard hens.

Now, you may think that I am just jumping on the hot new trend of urban chicken keeping, but I assure you my interest is genuine.  Continue reading


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Day 261: Waste Watch Wednesday-Garbage Revolution

garbage_homeI recently watched a Canadian film on what else but my favorite topic: garbage.

Garbage! The Revolution Starts at Home was made in Toronto in 2007 by Andrew Nisker and documents his best friend’s family as they save their garbage for 3 whole months in their garage.  Yup, nothing like a heaping pile of stinking waste to remind you of how much you really do consume. Continue reading


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guest blogger: The Clean Bin sister says RETHINK!

First of all, I should let you know that I by no means follow “the rules” of the Clean Bin Project. I am, however, fairly conscious of the environmental and social impacts of my consumer choices, and fairly concerned about how much garbage I produce. That being said, there are some things I think are more important than packaging, and honestly, some plastic wrapped things I just love too much to give up (such as cheddar cheese and fair trade chocolate mmmmm).

I live in Ottawa, which sadly is miles behind Vancouver as far as recycling goes. We currently have a diversion rate of about 35%. Compare this with Vancouver’s rate of 52%, and Markham at 70%, and you see our capital city is in a bit of a pathetic state. (these stats are a couple years old, but if anything the gap has only widened) Continue reading


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Day 258: Clean Bin Project on Greenbudget

A few weeks ago, Grant, Rhyannon, and I were interviewed by Katelyn over at Greenbudget.

She started her blog as a school project, but I think she’s quickly discovering that you can’t just write about sustainability or waste or green initiatives without really starting to get involved and think about your own lifestyle as well.  She really researches her topics and covers everything from composting to green purchasing.  Plus, she gives great, specific tips on what you can do at home.

Anyway, thanks to Katelyn for interviewing us and making us feel like we are zero waste superheros.  Check out the post about us here.

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