Day 274: Medical Waste

neckbraceThere are some types of waste that are unavoidable. . . . but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to put them into your bin.  There are, after all, rules to this here project.

The reason I bring this up is that Grant had a little waste extravaganza this weekend at the Richmond General hospital.

He was kite landboarding and being fancy and jumping around and kiteboardended up taking a dive directly onto his tailbone from about 10 feet in the air.   I only speak about it nonchalantly because he’s ok, and nothing is broken, and he just has to lay down for a bit and be doped up on pain killers.  And for the record I was earnestly concerned when I got the original call from the hospital and Grant’s sister-in-law kindly rushed me over there (just in case you think I’m entirely without compassion)

Anyway, I guess when the ambulance picked him up, they had to put one of those plastic neck braces on him and strap him to a gurney, and guess what.  Those neck braces are one time use.

They also peeled off his clothes and double bagged them (in plastic bags) and slapped a plastic ID tag to his wrist and made him take some pills out of a little disposable cup.  By the time I showed up, he nearly seemed more upset about the amount of garbage he was generating than the pain.

There’s more.  It turns out that as he was hurling towards earth and trying to decide which body part he should land on, he actually chose not to land on his land board for fear of breaking a wheel from that height.  He was afraid if it broke he wouldn’t be able to replace it because of the Clean Bin Project.

So ironically, he put his material possessions before his own self which is exactly opposite to what this project is supposed to be about.  (He did later say that he had a very short amount of time in which to be making decisions, and that he didn’t think he’d actually made the right one.)

Now he’s getting desperate because I am definitely pulling ahead in the competition.  He’s trying to convince me that the neck brace shouldn’t be considered waste as it would make an excellent addition to our tickle trunk of costumes.

Well, in that case, I guess  I could just remove that windshield wiper from my bin by fashioning it into a lapel pendant and putting it in the tickle trunk “for future use” (I’m kidding of course – I’m all for both reuse and costumes).



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12 responses to “Day 274: Medical Waste

  1. kate

    this was probably the most hilarious post yet (after i got past the “oh no, grant’s in a neckbrace! part)

  2. Auntie Pauline

    Very sorry to learn of the accident, and grateful that Grant is OK. Never mind about the waste!

    Thank you for the objective (though sympathetic) analysis Jen!

    Uncle Keith

  3. Oh goodness, I’m so glad Grant is ok and what an amazing thought he had as he was plummetting to his fate LOL!
    What a guy!

    I think he should be allowed a little re-use with his neckbrace – how about a donation to a local kids theatrics group?

    Can I just put my Aunty Green head on for a moment – as a ‘neck trauma’ person myself, i would urge Grant to get some treatment for this right away – whatever appeals to him; osteopath, chiropractor – whatever.

    I had a neck injury; was told I was fine, felt fine after a while, but actually I wasn’t. Within 6 months I was in considerable pain and, despite a lot of treatment, my neck has never been right. The original trauma happened 16 years ago and I still have dreadful days with it.

    not saying he needs to be like that, but just something from my persepctive 🙂

  4. You’re right Mrs. Green, back and neck injuries can come back to haunt you. I really don’t think it was his neck at all, but only time will tell. I’ll pass on your recommendation for treatment. He was good on Monday, but worse on Tues. He’s like an old man trying to get out of chairs, but fine and spry once he’s up.

  5. And after he’s had his treatment, I’m thinking give the neck brace a lick of glittered paint, add a couple of wings, stick an old football on top with a halo, and you’ll have your very own angel decoration just in time for Christmas. Hope you’re feeling better Grant 😀

  6. Lori

    Oh my goodness.. poor Grant. I agree with Kate, this is the funniest post you have written.
    Would Grant be allowed to keep the neck brace in his kite boarding bag? They would probably allow him to reuse it on himself if he ever has another mishap.. maybe..
    Tell him to be careful!

    • And the most creative neck-brace reuse response goes to Almost Mrs Average! Glitter works wonders doesn’t it?

      Lori -THAT is an awesome idea! I was joking in the car on the way home about how we could keep it in the vehicle in case we had an accident. But I like the kiting bag idea even more.

      Ted – He is looking for a new outfit for playing gigs. (poor guy, we’ve done nothing but harass him)

  7. Uncle Ted

    If those High collared shirts ever come back into style he can just ware that with a t-shirt and look debonair.
    Sorry about that Grant, I couldn’t resist.

  8. Old Man

    Great write up Jen, make sure you keep an eye on that nut case of yours……

  9. cromeuhnione

    Yesterday i went to give my blood, i saw so much waste, i know that’s for preserve health, but it’s weird to make a good thing in giving and at the same time a bad thing with all thoose plastic wraping for needles and blood bags …

  10. NP

    Sorry to hear about Grant’s crash. Sounds painful!

    My husband works in the health care field and unfortunately there is a good reason many medical items are only used once. It sucks that waste is produced in the process, but sterility and cleanliness are crucial when treating all patients. Even those who bump their bums on the ground while kite landboarding. 🙂

  11. Oh God its really very hilarious, i just want to pray god , please never happen again with anyone.

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