Day 268: Waste Watch Wednesday – Addicted to Plastic

I watched this film last year at the Vancouver International Film Festival.  The director, Ian, was there to ask questions at the end.

It’s kind of funny, but what I remember most from this documentary was that most of the scientists studying the harmful effects of plastic had actively decided to cut it out of their own lives in terms of food packaging.  That says something doesn’t it?  The guy who studies whether or not plastic packaging leeches chemicals doesn’t use plastic water bottles or non-stick frying pans for his own family.  Then, during the Q and A, someone asked Ian if he had changed his lifestyle as a result of this film he said “not really”.

Guess we can all make our own decisions.

Really interesting film though.  And one that is really nicely shot and provides lots of hopeful stories to balance the bleak ones.

If you want more, there are two more trailers of this film on the official website at



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4 responses to “Day 268: Waste Watch Wednesday – Addicted to Plastic

  1. Greg

    I really dig on what you guys are doing. Last summer I did an experiment of my own.
    You see the last couple of years of my life has been as follows.. Work hard all summer save money and take most of the winter off to climb in the states ( or somewhere else warm) Last summer I worked only enough to live and climbed the rest of the time. (I was getting 5 days a week one rock and with some weeks only working 2 days. So not buying stuff help me to have the best summer of my life. Now if I buy something I don’t need I feel angry thinkin thats time I could have spent doing something fun.

    I think I am going to set I goal like you on how long to go with out consuming….thanks

  2. Wow I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I’m so inspired! I’m starting my own green living adventure and am always looking for ideas and possible avenues to reduce my consumption. I’ll be perusing your archives that’s for sure!


  3. Ursula

    This is a really inspiring blog. I have been so depressed recently with how people out here in the country don’t want to make the effort to recycle. Being out here – it IS all about garbage. Everytime I go somewhere, there’s a bag, box or bottle. I have started to strip off the plastic wrap from packages and left it on the grocery store counter for the store to deal with. I am so fed up with trying to get through to people that you don’t need all the packaging – when you actually want to buy something…it is just that easy to say – naw – I got a wee bag with me.

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