Day 266: Clean Bin Award

award1“Hmmm, what is that?” you may be thinking of the curious object depicted to the left.

Couldn’t you tell?  It’s nothing less than a coveted award from The Rubbish Diet

Yes, The Clean Bin Project has won The Healthy Competition Award (part of the Rubbish Diet Awards) from Almost Mrs.  Average who says:

“This award goes to a group of housemates in Canada, who are going for a consumer free year. Not only are they attempting to go without buying any consumer goods but are going head-to-head in a competition to see who has the emptiest bin.

So I’d like to give a huge round of applause to Jen who represents her room-mates Grant and Rhyannon over at The Clean Bin Project. There’s nothing like a bit of competition to keep the motivation up.”

I can honestly say that before we started this project I had never actually read a blog and was really quite intimidated by the whole thing.  And then what do you know, it turns out there were already many many people out there blogging about waste and consumption.

I don’t mean to say that we had competition.  I mean that there was a community out there.

Sometimes I actually think that the hardest part of this project is the keeping up with all the information available!  I could literally spend the entire day reading blogs and news reports about trash until my eyes pop out from staring a computer screen for too long.  It can be a bit overwhelming.

The Rubbish Diet Awards highlight a bunch of blogs that I faithfully read as well as some that are new to me -definitely worth checking out.

Thanks to Mrs.  Almost Average for including us in your awards ceremony all the way across the pond, and congratulations to all the other winners.  Individually and collectively, I really do think we make a difference.  If nothing else, at least I don’t have to take the garbage to the curb anymore!



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2 responses to “Day 266: Clean Bin Award


    I was really surprised too, when I stumbled upon MyZeroWaste, & then Mrs A’s Rubbish Diet, & then a whole new universe of ‘rubbish bloggers’ unfolded to me…!! 🙂

    I agree it may sometimes be difficult to keep up with it all, who’s doing what etc! 🙂

    You’re still one of the most noteworthy ones, with the videos & all!! /I showed you guys to my Mum the other day, now she’s washing the plastic bags with more pizzaz!! :)/

  2. Hi Jen – am only just catching up with everything, having come down with the lurgy for the last week. Love the look of your award over here. As you know I think you’ve got a fab project, so truly well deserved. Like you I felt really intimidated when I first started the rubbish diet, and then there was the relief to find out that all sorts of folk were working on their own challanges. I can’t wait until I’ve got more time on my hands to pop over and say hello more often. Your award looks lovely by the way 😀 x

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