Day 265: Do It Yourself Waste Free Style

So, I commented a couple weeks ago about how this Clean Bin Project thing was turning out not only to be an obsession about waste, it was also becoming a huge DIY fun fair.

We have ended up making quite a few things from scratch that we might otherwise have bought.  So I decided to start a Do It Yourself page whereby we catalog what we’ve been making and even include some how to’s in case anyone else wants to, say, have a stab at homemade toothpaste.

We’ve got Food (self explanatory), Around the House (meaning mainly toiletries and cleaning supplies), and Gifts and Other Stuff (which is basically everything else including material goods that are made from salvaged materials or things we already had)

Now I’ll admit, I haven’t been as crazy with toiletries as I could have.  The Say No To Trash blog has been whipping up a storm with everything from homemade deodorant to canlendula baby cream.  We’re just taking it on an “as needed” basis, and so far, I haven’t run out of deodorant.  Nor have I made a dent in my supply of lotions, so don’t expect those recipes to be appearing too soon.

The food section is primarily for items that are better made at home in order to avoid packaging, so I won’t be including the standards like chocolate chip cookies.  Otherwise this would just turn into a blog about baking wouldn’t it?

I’m thinking it will be more along the lines of homemade yogurt or granola bars – you know, things I didn’t really used to make before this project started.

Anyway, here’s the new page.  You can also locate it in the righthand sidebar under The Project.  Feel free to point out and DIY things I may have mentioned but forgot to include.

PS.  Today makes the “100 days left” point in our project!  Yahoo!  I celebrated this morning by turning the compost and prepping the garden for upcoming veggie season.


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